role of stock exchange in india 2020

The Role Of Stock Exchange In India For New Investors in 2020

Stock Exchange In India A Stock exchange in india is an exciting place in 2020,many years back it was...
what is mutual funds

What is Mutual funds? Is Mutual Funds Are Your New Investment Option in 2020

Mutual funds solve all these problems for you Mutual Fund collects money from investors and invests them on their behalf in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and more They are managed by professional fund managers who constantly track the markets and know when to buy or sell stocks of companies they’ve picked based on research Because of this mutual funds can deliver inflation beating returns and help investors create wealth over long-term. Mutual funds let you diversify your investment across sectors & company size based on your investment horizon risk appetite thereby reducing risk Mutual funds are also extremely flexible as you can start by investing as low as Rs.500 on the click of a button These benefits make Mutual funds the best alternative for investors looking to create wealth and fulfil his or her financial dreams in the long-term . So all you need to do is pick the right fund to invest based on your goal, investment horizon risk appetite and watch your money grow In case of any queries, consult your financial advisor before investing If you have any doubts or questions, mention them in the comments below Subscribe to our channel for all your financial queries Choose wisely. Invest well Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks read all scheme related documents carefully
machine learning

What Is Machine Learning? Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning in 2020

Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning ! Let's talk about supervised learning vs unsupervised...
lic ipo 2020

New LIC IPO 2020-Know Everything About LIC Company Overview

In March, when the market started going down due to COVID situation before that many IPOs used to come in the market...
Stock Market Crash in India 2020

Investing Strategy For Stock Market Crash in India 2020

Stock Market Crash in India 2020-The Indian Stock Market is witnessed a Crash. where the market has already fallen a lot. How...
hr analytics

Big Data And HR Analytics|Relationship Between HR analytics in 2020

Big data and HR analytics are two buzzwords which are frequently talked about. does one really know what they mean? And does one know what
programming languages

Top 2 New Programming Languages of 2020 For Making a Passive Income

Let’s talk about Top 2 programming languages of 2020 for making a passive income. Together each those languages contribute to 80% of...
work from home

Work From Home Security Threat|Remote Working Security Risks in 2020

Corporate security that you have when you're working from the office things like next-generation firewalls,data loss prevention, vulnerability scanning not available in work from home