Top 10 Web Series in World

If you enjoy fiction, you will love the Top 10 Web Series in World list. There are many great web series on the list and each one has a unique plot and action sequence.

Money Heist

In this action-packed crime adventure, criminal mastermind “The Professor” has a plan to print billions of euros at the Royal Mint of Spain.

Squid Game 

Squid Game is an original Netflix show that took the internet by storm. The dark and engaging themes made it a hit with viewers.

The Boys 

In The Boys, teenagers are the most powerful super-heroes on the planet. The popular and influential superheroes are revered as gods when they use their powers for good.

Master of None 

Although Master of None veers too far from fly-on-the-wall authenticity, there are some notable moments that make it worth watching.

Made in Heaven 

The new Amazon Prime Video series Made in Heaven is set in Delhi. It follows the life of two wedding planners, Asma and Subodh.

The Family Man 

Despite its exposition and unconvincing plot twists, The Family Man is a genuinely charming and heart-warming comedy.


The mafia of Mirzapur has a new mafia boss, Akhandanand Tripathi. Tripathi made millions by exporting carpets, but his son Munna is an unworthy heir, and the two men struggle to keep their business in order.

Orange Is The New Black 

The Netflix original drama is based on a book of the same name. The story follows a young woman named Piper Chapman,