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9 Tips To Help You Own a Good Domain Name For Your Website

With more than 1.8 billion websites around the world, your website needs a hit to get the attention of your users. The domain is a good impression tool that can take on this role. Owning a good domain name will be your first advantage when you want to operate and build a brand on the internet.

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The article will show you 10 tips to help you get a domain that is both interesting, beautiful, and effective for your website.

1. Avoid having the same name as big brands

Parents may name their children after celebrities or singers, but domain-names should not contain names of major brands.

Big brands have bought copyrights for their brand names, they can use the law to reclaim their interests. If you use their trademark in your domain name, especially if your website matches their niche, you can be sued. And you will lose both lead and fishing because you cannot win such lawsuits.

No matter how small your website is, whether you live in the USA or any other country, there’s no guarantee that big brands won’t notice your infringement. So, before choosing a domain name for your website, find out if there is an enterprise or brand with the same name or not.

2. Contains keywords or related words

Website domain names can contain keywords to narrow the topic and target audience. This approach can increase SEO efficiency because the domain-names matches and is directly related to the user’s search keywords. This is one of the factors that determine the search rankings of determining a website.

However, the number of keywords is limited and most of them have been taken, not by the users but also by domain name trading services.

So, in addition to targeting the right keywords, you can also use words that are relevant to your products, services, and content. This approach has the potential to make your domain name interesting, look smart, and can make a deeper impression on readers and customers alike.

3. Short, easy to remember

A good domain name should be easy to read, remember and, above all, the shorter the better. The ideal length for a domain-name is between 2 and 5 words. This makes the domain names are both easy to remember and easy to type. The domain is too long, it will be difficult to remember, type for a long time, if bothering the user will never use it again.

You can also abbreviate if your favorite name is too long. Many websites and brands with long names have chosen to abbreviate their names. For example, the famous If This Then That IoT (Internet of Things) application uses IFTTT for the domain (ifttt.com); The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a very short domain name: eff.org.

This method is really effective and proven, but you must remember to write the full name of the website in the most visible place, on the banner or logo design. When customers understand what the acronym stands for, they will remember it more.

4. Limit the use of digits

Using numbers in the domain names can confuse users, enter the wrong address, especially when they have just heard the domain name but have not seen it with their eyes. Simply because they do not know if your domain name contains numbers or numbers, is “1” or “one”.

Most, however, assume by default that numbers with 2 or more digits will be written with numbers. Some other widely used numbers will also be written by default by numbers, such as 24, 90, 180, 360, 999 … So, you don’t need to worry if the domain name contains universal numbers. However, if the number has only one digit, it should be considered.

5. Buy easily duplicate domain names

No matter how carefully you calculate, whatever type, there are addresses that are similar to your domain. Those confusing domain  can absorb the traffic and benefits of the original website. The easiest way to prevent this is to buy off those confusing domain names.

This is how many businesses and website owners have applied. They not only buy the desired domain name but also buy other domain names that are similar in writing or meaning.

The most typical example is Google, you can access Google through either google.com, googel.com, or google.net. All of these domains can point to the same page, so it won’t affect your original website at al

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6. Choose a popular domain extension

In any domain name, there is an indispensable part, which is the top-level domain, also known as the “domain tail”, the element after the “.” in the domain. The primary purpose of a domain name tail is to indicate the category and purpose of the website.

However, people today almost do not understand and care about the meaning of the domain name extension. Instead, a number of popular domain name extensions, appear on every website, typically .com, .net, .org …

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The domain name tag is not part of a brand name or keyword, and there are no rules that bind a website to a specific domain name. Therefore, strange and unpopular domain names will make it difficult for users to remember and access the website.

So, use the most common domain extensions to help users remember your website more easily. Navigating to the website is also more accurate, with less confusion. You will not lose traffic unjustly just because the user mistyped the domain name.

7. Consider using domain-focused domain extensions

Today there are more than 1000 different types of domain name tags, some of which are intended for specific, specific purposes.

These domain extensions are less popular than .com but are effective in highlighting the purpose and content of the website for users to quickly identify. So, if you want to make a difference and impress your customers, you can use non-.com domain extensions.

For example, you can use .bike when you trade-in bicycles. Trailers and cyclists will probably enjoy such specialized websites.

8. Use domain extensions creatively

In addition to using domain-specific top-level domains, you can also creatively utilize domain tags to generate unique addresses. Specifically, you can put the tail and the domain name together to make one meaningful word. This helps the domain name become better, more interesting, and more impressive in the eyes of users.

The world-famous newspaper – TIME – has changed from the old time.com address to the new ti.me. Both the domain name and the tail merged into the firm’s name, an extremely impressive pun. Readers now do not need to add irrelevant words like “com” or “net” to the address of the newspaper, but just type “time” is enough.

Between, a chat app for couples that have been very smart about domain naming. Instead of between.com or between.io like any other tech company, they use between.us. The domain name becomes a meaningful phrase that highlights the product’s theme: “among us”.

9. Check availability on social networks

Although Facebook has just been involved in a scandal that has caused the trust of millions of users, Facebook in particular and social networks, in general, have not “died”. There are still countless business representatives that work on social media platforms.

So, you also need to check whether your domain name and brand name on social networks have been taken away by anyone. This is necessary to avoid cases of spoofing the fan page of your website for profit, or simply to avoid unfortunate mistakes for users.

You can visit namecheck to check if the domain name (with common extensions) or the username (username) on social networks to see if anyone has taken it. This page supports checking many popular social networks at the same time such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest …


Choosing a domain  is not too easy, because it can be the first factor affecting the attitude of customers and readers. You can combine many of the 9 tips introduced in this article to create a good, impressive, and attractive domain.

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