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10 Tips to Reduce Clutter on Mac |How to Reduce Clutter

10 Tips to Reduce Clutter on Mac
10 Tips to Reduce Clutter on Mac

Here 10 tips to reduce clutter on mac, we will see how to declutter your Mac. There might be so many files and applications in your system which are of no use, and you want to get rid of them. These unwanted files might take up most of your disk space, which slows down your system performance. So, decluttering your Mac can make your system faster. So, here are some tips which might help you in decluttering your Mac.

Tip 1: Uninstall Unwanted Applications:

Application software takes up a lot of your disk space. Check all the applications in your system and uninstall those applications which you don’t use at all. Its at No. 1 tip in given 10 tips to reduce clutter on mac

Tip 2: Desktop Cleaning

A desktop with so many files on it looks messy and flawed, and you should do something about it. A cluttered desktop is quite distracting, and it complicates file management, hides your beautiful desktop background, and may also slow down your Macbook pro a bit. So you just have to clean up the desktop by sorting the files. Move the same type of files in a folder. Also, get rid of redundant files. This will make your laptop look more neat and organized.

Tip 3: File Management

File management becomes a lot easier when you master the use of folders and tags. First of all, store the files where they belong in appropriate finder folders, apps in applications, docs in documents, pics in pictures, and so on. Then, clearly name the files and folders you create, specifying the info like date, type, project, and other useful data. It’s also handy to use tags for even better file sorting and navigation. Choose your colors to mark stuff from work, home, holidays, projects, etc. Use your imagination but keep it simple.

Tip 4: Unsubscribing from Emails

It can be very problematic by deleting every email newsletter. Instead of deleting emails repeatedly, I would rather suggest you to unsubscribe the emails. However, how much time it takes, just do it. You will be so much relieved by doing that. 10 tips to reduce clutter on mac its at No 4 tip.

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Tip 5: Turn off Notifications

Many of us just turn off notifications on our phones but often hesitate to do it on our laptops. Notifications can be distractive. Turning them off is definitely something that’s worth investing time in figuring out and learning how to do. In the settings, you can choose the applications to be notified for on your Mac. This will keep you away from a lot of distractions.

Tip 6: Go through your Downloads

Sometimes, downloads can be just like a warehouse of information where the information we have downloaded from emails and the browser is never really touched or is of no use. There may be many setups of your applications that are of no use after installing that app. I would suggest you to go through your downloads folder and anything you want to save, then move those files to a well-organized folder anywhere else on the system and just delete all the files in your downloads.

Tip 7: Organizing and Deleting Files

Definitely, there are going to be some files that you want to keep, whether those are pictures or text documents, or any other files, so just organize them in a preferred folder. It will be easy to find what you need when you need it. Also, there may be so many files that are no longer relevant, so just go ahead and delete those files. Keep only those files that you actually use.

Tip 8: Go through your Pictures

This can take a hell of your time. There may be so many pictures in your system. In today’s digital world, we capture a lot of pictures to get one perfect shot. So just go through your photos but not all at once. Give it a period of some time and keep the best pictures and delete the rest.

Tip 9: Cloud Storage

Backup all of your files to cloud storage. There might be so many files which you don’t use now, but you might need them later. These can be text documents or personal information data files, and it can be a variety of files that takes up a lot of your disk space. So just back up all the files to the cloud storage or any external hard disk.

Tip 10: Empty the Trash

The files in your system trash still hold up the disk space. So make sure you empty the trash by deleting all the files permanently.

So these were definitely some of my top 10 tips reduce clutter or declutter your Macbook. You finally got rid of all the files that you weren’t using or not adding any value and were just cluttering up your digital space. I hope it helps in decluttering your Macbook or reduces the clutter to some extent. From now on, try to keep all your files in an organized way so that you don’t have to organize and clear the files all at once. I would probably suggest you declutter your system every six months.

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