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How to invert facetime camera

FaceTime, Apple’s popular video calling service, allows users to connect with friends, family, or colleagues seamlessly. However, adjusting the camera orientation or inverting the view during a FaceTime call might be necessary in certain situations. This comprehensive guide aims to explore various methods to invert the FaceTime camera on iOS devices, providing users with flexibility and control over their video calls.

Understanding FaceTime Camera Orientation

By default, the FaceTime camera captures video in its regular orientation, displaying the scene as seen from the front-facing camera. Inverting the camera changes this perspective, allowing users to display scenes or objects as they appear to the user holding the device.

Method 1: Using FaceTime Settings

During an Ongoing FaceTime Call

  1. Access FaceTime Settings: While on a FaceTime call, tap the screen to reveal the call options.
  2. Toggle Camera: Locate the “Camera” icon or “Flip” button within the call interface. Tap it to invert the camera’s view.
  3. Revert to Default: Tap the “Camera” icon again to switch back to the default camera orientation.

Method 2: System Settings Adjustment

In iOS Settings

  1. Access Settings: Exit the FaceTime app and go to the device’s “Settings.”
  2. Find FaceTime Settings: Scroll down and find the “FaceTime” settings.
  3. Toggle Camera Preferences: Within FaceTime settings, look for camera options or preferences. Toggle between “Standard” and “Mirrored” settings to change the camera orientation.

Method 3: Using Accessibility Settings

Utilizing Accessibility Features

  1. Access Accessibility Settings: Open the device’s “Settings” app.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility: Go to “Accessibility” settings.
  3. Toggle Mirror Front Camera: Find and toggle the “Mirror Front Camera” option to invert the camera view.

Method 4: Third-Party Camera Apps

Exploring Third-Party Solutions

  1. Explore App Store: Consider using third-party camera apps available on the App Store that offer features to modify camera orientations during video calls.
  2. Download and Install: Find a reputable app, download, and install it. Follow the app’s instructions to adjust camera settings during FaceTime calls.

Understanding the Purpose of Inverting the FaceTime Camera

  • Visual Presentation: Inverting the FaceTime camera can be useful for showcasing text or objects that appear mirrored in the regular camera view.
  • Educational or Professional Use: Teachers, presenters, or professionals might find this feature helpful for demonstrations or presentations.


FaceTime offers a user-friendly platform for video calls, providing various features to enhance the communication experience. Inverting the camera orientation during FaceTime calls can offer users flexibility in showcasing specific content or enhancing visual presentations.

By exploring the settings within the FaceTime app, device settings, accessibility features, or utilizing third-party camera apps, users can easily manipulate the camera orientation to suit their preferences or specific use cases during FaceTime calls. Understanding these methods empowers users to leverage the FaceTime platform more effectively for diverse communication needs.

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