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14 ONLINE COURSES That You Must Learn in 2023

In this article I will share with you 14 such online courses through which you can start earning money. Recently I did a survey on various platforms in which I asked all of you that which thing you are more interested in, in earning money or in investing money? I used to belive that most of the people would be interested in investing money, but 60% of you were actually interested in making money. Which, in hindsight now, it is obvious, if you don’t have money to invest then what will you invest? So first step itself is we should start making money. 

So this blog is for all of you. Because world has become so open now and has become remote, all of you in your twenties, thirties, late teens are looking for a lot of side income opportunities, so I thought, why don’t I compile a list for all of you which will train you for all the top earning opportunities that exist in the world.

All of these courses will in a way will upskill you to figure out how can you actually go about making money And then you will have to set yourself up as a freelancer on Fiverr, on Upwork, on maybe Internshala or anywhere where you will be able to present all that you have learnt and the experience that you have gathered. Let’s start. 

Graphic design. 

Graphic design is such an fundamentally remote friendly workstream where you can do graphic designing sitting anywhere in any corner of the world for every client possible in the world. So this course which is a “Graphic Design Masterclass” on Udemy, will over 29 hours teach you eveything that there is to know around graphic designing.

Graphic designing could be around thumbnails creation, it could be logo creation, it could be marketing collaterals, making social media posts, making banners, and every single thing which brands, individuals, personal brands, influencers, content creators use – you will get to learn from this course.

Content Writer

If you have interest in writting, your english is good then this course maybe the best one for you. Writing tools and hacks. “Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing” If you want to earn through blogging, you want to do content writting for someone, whether they are brands, whether thay are influencers, whether they are agencies, than this course is a great start for you.

All those fundamentals that every person needs to know to become a better content writer will be there in this course. Content writing is something which will never go away. There are so many people that need content writing services across the world, I know one of my closest friends who sitting in Goa works for an international company, same 6-7 hours a day, but she earns just as much as she would in any job that she would have but she works from her home. She is in control of her time, and she is getting to work with the best brands and companies across the world. 

Video editing

Because videos especially in the last two years have boomed with covid and everyone sitting at home and we are just browsing on our phones, content just exploded and due to this video editing became such an in demand freelance option.

So if you want to be a video editor then Adobe Premiere Pro which is the defacto software that everyone should know of to become a video editor, is what you will learn in this course. It is a beginner to advanced Premiere Pro course so you will be taught all the fundamentals which are there. This a 24 hour long course.

So every detail will be there and through this course you will get the first glimpse on how do you go about building video editing as an expertise. Recently I was searching for a video editor for my team and almost every candidate that we met was a self-taught video editor, who 2 years before, 6 months before, 4 years before.

Started video editing, due to some needs, it was their own need, and gradually they realised that they are good at it and now they are working with so many different brands, so many clients across the world And it makes me so happy because they are like 20-21, and earning more than what their average college placement salary is, which is so brillant. 

Data science

If you are interested in data, you like numbers, you are not scared of excel, then this course may be the best one for you. Data science A to Z teaches you all the techniques of data science over 21 hours of video content.

Presentation skills

Full course on power point. Presentations will never go away. In fact if anything presentations have increased, because now people are not able to see each other face to face so everything now suddenly went into presentations. Start-ups want to make presentations to raise funds, bankers wants to make presentation to raise funds, companies want to make presentations, to raise funds, you will have to make presentations in order to pitch to agencies, freelancers will have to make presentations, content creators and creative agencies in general will have to make presentations.

It is not every one’s cup of tea to make presentations. So if you can actually become the guy who makes presentations, I remember, this was probably a year ago I talk to a new person every week.

Because he realised that start-ups need presentations in order to raise funding, and need expertise in those presentations, and they do not have that expertise. They have all the numbers, they have all the data, they have all the content, but the art needed to weave it into a story that is something which they are missing.

So he specialises in just that. And it was brilliant because I was like oh my god man! The world of start-ups is already exploding, every person is looking for funding, every person needs a funding and a presentation, so you are right there at the spot. So he actually became a premium Fiverr profile member just by being so good with what he did and that impressed me beyond doubt.

UX/UI, user experience and user interface 

Whenever you browse through an app or even if you browse through some website, then which button is placed where, which colour it is of, how is the general look and feel, how is the navigation done, how you go from that screen to another screen, which features you get to see in that, all of that is what is called UX and UI, user experience user interface, So if you want to be a web or mobile designer.

You don’t want to do graphic designing, but you want to design actual apps and products, then this course is brilliant for you. The Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UX/UI, Figma. Figna is a software which is a collaborative software for design. 

So like we use sheets or google docs, Figma is similar to that, for specifically design. 26 hours of content – brilliant course that will get you started on your UX and UI journey which has became very critical in the present world. 

Online teaching

I am an online teacher and I can claim that online teaching is so so powerful. If you are a diligent student, if you know something which a lot of students want to know, but you can explain them in a manner that they understand it well, then you have a talent which you should explore. And this course can help you get there. 

Teach Anybody Anything and become an online teacher. If you become an online teacher then your courses could be accessed by any student in the world. You can actually make a lot of money, by taking live classes, by recording these classes, by making notes for these classes, so on and so fourth.

And it can be a great way for you as a student or even as a working professional to find the joy of teaching somebody else. And the more you teach people, the more you yourself will learn about that thing. 

Diet and Nutrition

If you are interested in fitness, if you are interested in diet and nutrition then this could be a great course for you. The Complete Fitness Trainer Certification Beginner To Advanced. A lot of people in the last two years have started moving towards fitness. Because they realised that our body is weak, we need to increase our immunity, we are not able go somewhere out, so physical activity is not happening. So suddenly because of this online wave, we’ve started taking online fitness coaching.

And I know so many fitness trainers who got booked overnight with their clients. So if you’re interested in that space, if you believe in fitness, if you believe in nutrition, in the right diet, then this course can be a great start for you. 

Software Testing

As apps will be built, as websites will be built, so will people be required to test them. What is software testing? Whenever you build an app, then it is quite expected to have bugs.. Somewhere there is a spelling mistake, somewhere the navigation is broken, somewhere the link is not working, all of that is tested through the process of software testing. So this course, it will teach you how to become a software tester.

The Complete 2022 Software Testing Bootcamp. It’s a 34-hour long course, and it will teach you everything that you need to know that how is software testing done, which are softwares on which software testing is done, how that report is generated, use cases, which is very a important part of software testing. how that is designed. how that is tested. how report back is done, if you get an expert at this, then you can be part of a community or a freelancing group where software testers are recruited. 

So sitting at your home you will have to browse a new app, and point out whatever mistakes are there. So if you are good at pointing out mistakes and if you love software or technology then this can be a great way for you to make money.

No Code Web App Development

A lot of apps are being made where you do not have to write a code. Software code is not written. You can actually use existing software products to build that product out, for example, the online courses that I run I have not written a single line of code. One, because I am not a coder. Two, because no one is coder in my whole team. So what do we do? We use multiple softwares, and then use another software to combine all of them and all of that is called no code software creation. 

So through this course you can learn no code web app development which can be a great way for you to help others who are not software engineers and cannot afford one for now, to get started in their business and make happy money through it.

Stock Market

Not something that I personally do. I haven’t even talked about it often, but it is a way of making money. In stock market there are two ways of making money. One is long term investing, where you diligently invest every month, and over a period of time through compound interest, you make money. The second way is short term trading.

In short term trading you bet on price movements and through that you make money. Not something that I would recommend if you do not have time and expertise, but if you want to build that expertise then this is a great course for you. The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course. This is a 9.5 hour long course and it will teach you everything that you need to know around the stock trading mechanism.

Through which whatever money you have you can slowly trade and because this is short term so you at the end of the day or at the end of 2 days will be able to see a profit or may be a loss, and that will then help you build that investment bigger and bigger and bigger and through this you can earn money.

Social media marketing

Social media is exploding and a lot of brands, influencers, content creators, agencies, want social media marketers. So someone who is well versed with all the platforms, understands how all platforms work, and that is what you can also learn through this course. Social Media Marketing Mastery, this is a course specifically to run ads on social media, which is the biggest piece of revenue for social media.

So if you know how to run ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and you know how to optimize those ads how are they built, how they are improvised, then you have something which is immensely valuable for a lot of people. 

From the smallest to the biggest brands – everybody is on social media spending money and if you understand that well then you can freelance wit agencies, you can directly freelance with brands, a lot of small brands, to help them set up their social media marketing, all of which is really nice happy money to make.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something which is very very fashionable and a brilliant way to make easy money. You share a link and you can share it anywhere, you share it on WhatsApp, you can share it on your Instagram profile, you can share it on your newsletter, and if people click that link and visit that website or app and buy something, then you get some percentage of that revenue.

That is affiliate income. And that is a great way for you to make money. In 2021 as a brand we earned 36 lakh rupees in affiliate income, 36 lakh rupees in affiliate income! Of course our size is pretty big but if you are even one hundereth of our size then in a year you can earn Rs. 36,000! And that is not bad money for somebody who is just getting started. 

You have your side gig and that’s something that takes virtually no time for you but this course which is the Beginner Affiliate Marketing To Start In One Day is the course that will get you started. And finally, an online business, which is my favourite. Becaue whenever you run a startup or run an online bussiness, then you are making not just money but also building an asset where you are you can earn while sleeping, you do not have to spend your time to make money necessarily.

So this course which is Build A Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses is a great way for you to do that. It is not necessary that these online courses should be of your own. These online courses could be of someone else as well, and a combination of affiliate marketing plus an online course can be a great start for you.

There are a lot of people who are making online courses and I am also making online couses. So assume that you come to me and say I have an affiliate program and have a distribution network, i.e., there is an audience, which I have created, and you have your courses. By combining these three I can actually promote your courses to this audience.

And whatever sales happen throuhgh that, I will take a certain percentage of those sales. And I can build this out for you. I would love that and that is something that can help you as well. So this were the 14 courses that help you get started in making money. All of these 14 courses are available on udemy.com and the links to all these courses are in the udemy website.

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