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How to get legend tokens in 2023

Legend Tokens are an in-game currency in Apex Legends, a popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. Players can use Legend Tokens to unlock new Legends (characters) or cosmetic items in the game. In this article, we will discuss how players can earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends.

How to get legend tokens

This article covers different ways you can earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends, how you can level up, complete daily challenges, purchase and complete Battle Passes, participate in events, or even buy tokens with earned money. By learning these methods, you’ll be able to build up Legend Token collection and get more out of your gameplay experience in Apex Legends.

  • Leveling up – One of the very common ways to earn Tokens is by leveling up. Every time a player levels up, They get 600 Legend Tokens. Players can level up by earning XP (Experience Points) through playing matches, completing challenges, and daily quests.
  • Daily Challenges – Apex Legends offers daily challenges which players can complete to earn Legend Tokens. These challenges refresh every day and can range from dealing damage to enemies, playing specific Legends, or winning matches. Each challenge offers a different amount of Legend Tokens as a reward.
  • Battle Pass – Players can also earn Legend Tokens by purchasing and completing Battle Pass. The Battle Pass offers set of challenges and rewards which players can unlock by playing the game. Completing certain milestones in the Battle Pass rewards players with Legend Tokens.
  • Events – From time to time, Apex Legends hosts events which offers players chance to earn Legend Tokens. These events usually have their own set of challenges and rewards which players can complete to earn Legend Tokens.
  • Purchasing – Lastly, players can purchase Legend Tokens using real money through in-game store.

Ways to Farm Legend Tokens

If you’re looking to earn Legend Tokens quickly in Apex Legends, the key is to maximize your game time. Since this currency is tied to leveling up, you’ll want to focus on outlasting your opponents and making it to the final ring. While getting kills and revives is helpful, it’s more important to avoid confrontations that could knock you out of the game early. Try to be strategic about when you swoop in for a kill, since taking out dozens of enemies can give you a huge XP boost. But remember, it’s not worth the risk if it sends you back to the main menu ahead of schedule.

Playing with friends is another way to get an XP boost. If you team up with two buddies, you’ll get a 10% boost to your Time Survived experience point allotment. Additionally, picking up the Battle Pass can be helpful since it’s packed with items that boost your XP gains.

Completing challenges is another effective way to farm Legend Tokens quickly. These challenges offer significant XP rewards, so make sure to check them each day and do what you can to accomplish them. It might mean trying out a new character or using a weapon you’re not familiar with, but it’s worth the effort to chase down these rewards.

What are They used for?

Legend Tokens are a valuable currency in Apex Legends that can be used to unlock new Legends, recolor Legendary skins, and reroll daily challenges. If you’re saving up your Legend Tokens, we recommend using them to purchase new Legends or recolor Legendary skins. Rerolling daily challenges can be tempting, but it can quickly drain your Legend Token stash. Plus, rerolling challenges isn’t always the best use of your hard-earned currency, so it’s usually better to save up for more valuable rewards.


Legend Tokens are important currency in Apex Legends which players can use to unlock new Legends and cosmetic items. There are several ways for players to earn Legend Tokens in game, including leveling up, completing daily challenges, purchasing and completing Battle Pass, participating in events, and purchasing using real money. By utilizing different methods, players can accumulate Legend Tokens and enhance gameplay experience in Apex Legends.

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