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4 Tips for Making Profitable Peer to Peer Lending Investments

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Peer to Peer lending is an establishing industry that has been continuously evolving. There is a large number of investors who want to invest in the P2P lending market. Some investors state that they are earning more than twenty per cent. Most lenders receive returns ranging from six to twelve per cent. So how can you make sure as an investor that you keep on earning high amounts of profits? Here are four tips for making profitable P2P investments.

1. Risk Diversification

Risk diversification is the most necessary aspect in Peer to Peer lending. The chances of earning high profits without diversification are low. For example, if you invest £5,000 or less, you must try investing each loan up to £25 at minimum. You will experience defaults during the repayment of the loan. So you want to limit the risk to the minimum. According to the experts, you should not invest in a few Peer to Peer loans initially. If you are investing in fewer loans and any of those loans are not repaid, you may end up losing money. Moreover, many P2P platforms have automated schemes that effectively diversify your investments by granting plenty of loans. But smart investors will focus on each loan, and that leads to the next tip.

2. Select your Loans Carefully

Many P2P lending networks provide an automated investment service. But that will only offer you average profits. These options are just as beneficial as other investment options on a Peer to Peer lending platform. They provide higher returns than the banks that offer low interest rates. But you can do better if you invest in individual loans with a bit more risk level so you can earn a higher income.

That means you must analyse each loan individually. Also, it can be a bit difficult because you have to select from a wide variety  of loans. That is why the experts advise that you must focus on specific types of loans with the help of Peer to Peer lending filters. Then, after concentrating on specific selections, you can view each loan’s details and select a borrower you want to grant a loan. You can also enquire about the individual borrowers before finalising the loan.

3. Make Investments Slowly

With plenty of investments, you start depositing your money in the Peer to Peer lending platform, and it starts generating profits effectively. So with P2P lending, it is suitable for you to make investments slowly. But if you have been investing according to point number two, you might only have a small amount of loans that will benefit you the most.

According to your investment capital, invest a small portion of your money. The experts suggest £25 in the beginning or at most one per cent of your loan portfolio in every loan. Then it would be best if you give yourself some time before you reinvest when more loans appear in the Peer to Peer lending marketplace. Then you must go through the entire process  again. It will take several weeks until you invest your total capital. But after investing all the money as loans, you will become a high-profit earning investor.

4. Opt for Long Duration Loans

With long duration loans on Peer to Peer lending platforms, there is an increase in the interest rate for investors by two to three per cent. The research indicates that loans for up to five years provide more profits than the small duration loans because they pay you longer. But there is a word of advice for those offering loans for five years. They must carefully review the borrower profile. So they can invest securely.

The Outcome of the Post

A final tip that will guide you in becoming a better investor is that you should not focus on the return on investment details provided by the big P2P platforms. Instead, you must do your study for finding out the real Peer to Peer lending returns on investments since the popular P2P services tend to give ROI values that are more than what the investors obtain. That is why you should find the real value by yourself with the help of an Excel sheet and the XIRR() function.

Plenty of investors are attracted to P2P lending because they offer high profits. But few investors entirely study the system before lending money to improve their returns. If you invest according to the above tips, you may become a high-revenue earning Peer to Peer lending industry investor.


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