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5 best places to get a marketing degree

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QS World University Rankings has set a ranking for a master’s in business and marketing. Business Masters Rankings launched the scale for the third time successfully. They also include an advance and new QS Masters for a marketing degree. QS World University Rankings consists of the five essential qualities and indicators before ranking the universities in the top list. Thought leadership, alumni consequences, diversity in knowledge, worth, and employment are the five qualities that prioritize ranking the universities. Seventy-seven universities have ranked this year that offers a master’s degree in marketing. 24 universities out of 77 held in the US, 10 in France, and 18 universities in the UK. Some of the universities have a management team that provides writing services for college students.

Here is a list in the below section to describe the top 5 best universities to get a degree in marketing.

Top 5 best universities to get a degree in marketing

1- WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

WU Vienna University is based in Vienna, Austria. It earns 10th place in QS Masters Rankings for a marketing degree. WU University is considered the largest university in Europe. It welcomes 23,000 students worldwide from approximately 110 countries. It is an international university with the two best qualities of alumni outcomes and employability. These two indicators are the solid reasons for its popularity. There are only six universities certified by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB in the world of German-speaking. WU Vienna University is one of those six universities that also has three accreditations. These accreditations are only for those colleges or business schools with excellent performance in the business field, extraordinary research results, international fame, and excellent connectivity with the community of marketing and business. The students who get their degree from WU University have great opportunities to gain employment as professionals in the marketing and business sectors.


EDHEC is a business school located in Nice, France. This business school is ranked this year for a marketing degree. The courses studied in EDHEC are designed in a way that helps and urges the students to bring modern and advanced ideas to the business field. The school management has set an exciting curriculum that covers all the aspects of business and prepares the students to cope with the challenges of the modern business world. Course content is created in the English language. EDHEC has the best scores in alumni outcomes and enables its students to get employment after completing graduation. The school has also got remarkable scores in diversity indicators. 77% of EDHEC graduates get attractive jobs at the international level. EDHEC also organizes workshops and events for career counseling that helps its students to connect with global companies. The students of EDHEC have great ability to bring excellent research outcomes and amazing marketing management skills.

3- Warwick Business School (WBS)

Warwick Business School is based in Coventry, United Kingdom. It is ranked in 8th place as the best business school for offering a degree in marketing. It is also claimed as the third most popular university in the UK for business and marketing subjects. It was established in 1967 with a specialty in business and industrial education. Many graduates from Warwick have won remarkable places in their profession and get high-profile jobs in private and government sectors worldwide. The course content of the marketing degree contains conceptual and advanced knowledge that enables the students to cope with the challenges of the modern business field. The business school has the best score for thought leadership management and a remarkable number in employability and diversity.

4- ESADE Business School

The business school is based in the cultural city of Spain, Barcelona. The ratio of male and female students in school is 45//55 from 92 countries enrolled for a degree in marketing management. In 2018-2019, students from 21 countries of five continents had registered for a marketing degree. In the latest ranking of universities for the best marketing degree, it took 7th place. It has the top best score for alumni outcomes and then for employability.

It is a famous business school that enhances the research ability of its students and provides excellent education about business and marketing. Its conceptual course and the exciting strategies taken by the professors enable the students to think broader and learn the confidence to cope with upcoming challenges in the field of marketing and business.

5- ESCP Europe Business School

ESCP is located in London, Paris, and won 6th place in the international ranking of best universities for business and marketing. The business school is one of the oldest schools organized in 1819 for business management. It provides its students with interesting, conceptual, and creative content that enhances students’ ability towards the modern world of marketing management. It enables its graduates to get a job in well-known companies like Amazon and Apple after getting four months of experience in the related business field. It has the best score for an indicator of employability. It has global fame and 120 universities with the partnership.


If someone is willing to get a job in the marketing sector, they must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. It is the necessary degree for even entry-level graphic designers and marketing managers.


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