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5 Gaming Mouse Pad Features You Should Look for

Gaming Mouse Pad
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Gaming is an indulgence, and it ought to be one of the cloud nine experiences for fun and play. Hence, it’d help if you had some proficient peripherals, including your gaming mousepad. When gaming, a few things include control, tracking and precision. And for seamless gaming, these factors should be a no-brainer. Therefore, this article lists the essential gaming mousepad features you should be mindful of when purchasing one.

1. Surface Material

The current gaming market retails mousepads in two forms: soft and hard. Softer mouse pads are usually the best since they allow some cushioning under the palms. Besides, they don’t wear off your mouse feet like hard mousepads. However, it all narrows down to your preferences since many gamers find softer gaming mousepads less ideal. Hard mousepads have one critical advantage: they offer more friction for control and precision. Hence, always weigh down your options before choosing between soft and hard mousepads.

2. Thickness

Gaming mousepads also come in varied thicknesses. Hence, it’s always prudent to determine which works best for you. Thick gaming mousepads are rigid and won’t give you problems on an uneven surface. However, they can be pretty hectic to carry around or fit into bags since they don’t fold easily. On the other hand, thinner gamepads aren’t fit for use on uneven surfaces, but can be ideal on even surfaces. If neither of the options seemingly doesn’t work for you, medium-sized base mousepads can work the trick.

3. Size

If you want a free-roaming gaming control space, then larger mousepads are your go-to. However, you still have plenty of options: small, medium and extended. Of course, extended ones are usually the best since they let you use your mouse without worrying about going off-grid or touching the edges. However, other alternative sizes, which you can find out more about by visiting https://www.razer.com/pc/gaming-mouse-mats, still get the work done for you. If you’re using high DPI, perhaps large and extended gaming mousepads wouldn’t be necessary.

Gaming Mouse Pad Features

4. Edge Finishing

The mousepad edge finishing determines how long it’d serve you. These unique gaming peripherals sometimes fray, especially if the edges don’t have a good knit. Besides, knitted gaming mousepads appear neater and make your deck appear more organized. Most hard gaming pads fray less compared to the softer ones. And if you’re looking for durability, perhaps the hard ones will do. However, that may not be your preference, so check if you prefer the softer ones and check if the gaming mousepads have stitched edges.

5. Other Features

If you adore RGB lighting, gaming mouse pads with these features will do it for you. That enhances your gaming experience and makes it enjoyable. Besides, find out if gaming pads having built-in USB pass-through are ideal for you. That allows you to connect the rest of the gaming peripherals and makes it straightforward using a wired gaming mouse.


A comfortable gaming mousepad completes the matrix of a memorable gaming experience. And as such, you should find the best mousepad to work with. Always check the suitable size, edge finishing, thickness and hardness. Besides, ensure that your gaming mouse has other bells and whistles for a gaming experience worth your while.


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