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5 Hacks to Increase ROAS


ROAS is a more effective measure to find the success of an ad campaign. Advertisers or marketers strive to increase ROAS to prove their relevance in a company’s promotional activities. The best ways to increase ROAS are expanding the reach of ads, improve its appeal, and design a budgeted campaign to keep costs low.


ROAS stands for Return on Ad Spend. These days, only click, or traffic is not enough. Since online is growing to become a space where buying can happen instantly, the companies want to measure the sales or revenues resulting from the ad campaign. In offline media, the ways to find returns on ad spend were not prominent or promising. It was mostly a dependency on market research reports. But, digital media is a more transparent place; everything is available in terms of figures here. So, when you assign the budget to an ad campaign and divide it further into ppc campaigns, social media campaigns, blogging, etc., you know clearly about the costs incurred in various online advertising activities.

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To add further to this, knowledge about the revenue generated by the corresponding sources is readily available. There are specific tools to help know the source from where the buyer arrived on the product page or website and made a purchase. All this may have compelled you to explore how ROAS can be increased. So, here are some quick tips.

  1. Improve the social media presence

Social media costs nothing but can do wonders to your advertising campaign. You can sign up for a business manager account on Facebook and similarly on other social media networks. These platforms provide tailor-fit support to help you sell as much as you want and to anywhere and anyone you want. Thus, the dissolving of geographical barriers and steering clear from seller account management’s intricacies can help increase the ROAS.

Think of association with social media influencers. By going influencer marketing way, you cut on the ad spend that celebrity endorsements demand. Real people having a readymade audience offer you an affordable advertising platform. Every sale diverted from an influencer account can be easily tracked, and thus, you know what went into the increase in revenues per dollar reduced by picking the right channel.

  1. Understand the niche audience and make ads straightforwardly directed to the audience

PPC campaigns cost considerably. You can find all your advertising budget drained away if you have not put the mind in addition to money into the campaign. Choose specific keywords or go for phrase match or modified broad match strategy while designing the ad campaign. These keywords have a satisfactory reach and medium to greater relevance. Thus, clicks will not merely be impressions on the ad. The visitor will undoubtedly do some buying also on the page, or maybe share it further to his or her network bringing you more leads, ultimately, more conversion chances.

Remove the budget from the poorly performing keywords or modify them according to the region where your offering is a hit. It may help you get more revenue in the same ad spend value.

  1. Target previous buyers or lower funnel customers first

ROAS can be improved when you have targeted customers with whom you have interacted previously in some capacity. The marketers can re-target the customers who abandoned the cart or made a purchase in the past. These buyers can easily be converted as they have previous experience of positive nature with them.

Design re-marketing targeted emails to remind the interested buyers of the abandoned carts or send them alerts about the new products launched. These people are more likely to respond to efforts in a positive manner. Thus, the ROAS figure can be increased appreciably with re-targeting tactics.

  1. Optimize the landing pages

Working on the landing page is a crucial strategy to enable an increase in ROAS. The marketers can design the landing page more appealingly. They can include messages that precisely complement the ad copy and serve what the users expect by looking at the ad. Ad spends are likely to deliver more revenues when the users find the discounts mentioned in the ad. If you have not included the discount on the product page, as mentioned in the ad copy, the customers will likely abandon the page and push you back from attaining your target.

It is advisable to design the ad copy in complete accordance with the landing page. Also, change the landing page content more often to keep the page at the top slots. Further, you can employ A/B testing to ensure that only the best copy reaches the content and improves conversion rate.

  1. Be aggressive with seasonal promotions 

Ad spend can yield more conversions when you have focused your energy to tap the customers when the buyer sentiment is high. It usually happens when it is a festive season. It also happens when some event creates a euphoria among people, and all show a positive attitude towards the ads. Thus, creating ads that show how buyers can participate in or enjoy the festival or event better is a must-try strategy for increasing ROAS.

To tap customers better using seasonal promotions, creating product listing ads can prove to be more helpful. These listing ads prompt the users to click on the product page directly. When you have got the traffic to the product page, take care that you have amply optimized the page to score more conversions, eventually, higher returns.

These are some of the sustainable hacks that can help you increase ROAS. Being proactive in measures and having a thorough knowledge of consumer behavior or internet usage pattern can also help build better ROAS enhancement strategies. Research, apply, test, and re-evaluate – the more actively you target customers and your ad strategies, the better will be ROAS output.

ROAS enhancement is a new benchmark of an ad campaign’s success. Because of the popularity of m-commerce, the ad campaigners need to have kickass strategies that contribute to conversions instantly. User behavior study, re-targeting, aggressive season-based advertising, and geo-targeting are useful tricks to enhance ROAS. Keeping a close tab on analytics is advisable too.


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