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5 must-do things to get the most out of your workout

benefits of regular exercise

We all know the main benefits of regular exercise in our lives. It helps us to live less stressed, happier and is good for our cardiovascular system. But things can be frustrating for us if we have exercise goals that we are finding hard to meet. An activity that we were enjoying can become something that will make us feel exhausted and less interested.

So, fasten your seat belt while we go through the must-do things that will make you have an effective workout routine. We are not discovering the black thread; we are just gathering the best tips and practices that will enhance your performance. Keep reading and uncover which things you are missing to apply in your routines.

  1. Say ‘yes’ to rest

Besides what a lot of people might tell you, having no days off is a big no. People that don’t rest and lift weight or train any sport daily will end up burning out. As days pass, you’ll see how your performance is affected, and you’ll end up giving less time to training. You’ll get more tired and you’ll not be able to lift the weights you were used to. This is because you’re not allowing your muscles to recover properly. 

So, first of all, stay away from people whose motto is ‘no day off’ and start resting. At least, you need to rest from all kinds of exercise one day a week. Having two days for resting will be outstanding for your muscles, and you’ll be ready to break any record or lift any weight in front of you.

  • Work with professionals

Of course, you can do your own routine if you do some research on the internet. But working with a professional will give you faster and better results. You will discover what a personal trainer can do for you, and believe us, after working with someone that knows what he/she is doing; you won’t want to go back. People with experience have already passed by all the steps where they committed mistakes and will save you from them.

You’ll be less prone to injuries, burnouts, and your technique will get better in no time. This not only applies to strength training but also all kinds of training. There are professionals in every sport for several reasons, and the main one is to help your get better in no time.

  • Warm-up & stretch

Before starting any kind of training, make sure to warm up a few minutes to get your body on track. A good warm-up will increase your range of motion, which will be beneficial for any kind of workout and will avoid injuries. So, make sure to get early to any training to give your body a few minutes of warm-up. On the other hand, don’t forget to stretch after ending your workout. This will relax your muscles and will avoid that feeling of soreness and tiredness after the exercise.

Warm-up and stretching are vital to keep your body healthy and avoid any kind of injury. So, give a good treat to your muscles and joints and never skip both in your workout routines.

  • Sleep, sleep & sleep

Sleeping seven to eight hours is crucial to ensure that your body is recovering properly. If you don’t believe us, pay attention to that the next time you haven’t rested well and identify how your performance gets affected. We know that this can be a hard task to accomplish, but you can try melatonin gummies or listening to white noise to sleep like a baby.

Also, be patient with yourself; if you know that you haven’t been sleeping well the last week or days due to work, stress, or any personal situation, be kind to yourself. Don’t get frustrated and understand that it is a key point for a good performance in any workout. Acknowledge that you’re having difficulties with this point and don’t get frustrated if you feel stuck. Better days will come, and your performance will get better.

  • Eat enough & be flexible

And last but not least, remember that food is the fuel of your body, and you need to eat enough to have a good performance while doing exercise. Try to cut as much as you can ultra-processed food from your diet, but take into count that it is not bad to consume it from time to time. Try using pre-and post-workout snacks to have more energy while training, you can eat fruit, have some cookies, and after working out make sure to eat some protein.

And the most important part for all this to work is to be flexible. Having a picture of perfect standards on your head is what will lead you to failure. It doesn’t matter if you were supposed to train five days per week but you only went three. Doing something is better than nothing, and it does add value to your training. So, be patient and flexible with yourself because exercise is made to move your body, not to punish yourself.


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