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5 Must Have Mobile Applications for Every Smartphone Owner


Without mobile applications, a Smartphone is no more than an old bar phone that can only be used for calling and texting. The big screen, powerful processor, latest chipset, and dedicated GPU, all are useless if your phone has no mobile applications.

Today, the Smartphone comes with dozens of pre-installed mobile apps that can be used for various purposes. For example, almost every mobile comes with an internet browser so that we can use that for surfing on the net.

But even then, there are a lot of applications that are missing and you must install those apps on your mobile. These apps could be the gaming apps to kill some time, or there could be some utility apps that can help you in your office work. These could be the apps for helping travelers as well.

In this article, I will list down 5 must-have mobile applications that you must have on your Smartphone whether you are using an Android phone, or an iPhone.

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So, here we go:

1: Google News

The app Google News is developed by Google LLC and the purpose of the app is to keep you up to date with the latest events, news, and stories from all around the world. Most Android mobiles have this app out of the box.

But in case, you don’t have this app on your mobile, install it right now. This app supports various international languages; so hopefully, you could find the language that you speak in this application. With that, you can also set your local area to get News from. You can also select the sites in which you want to get news in your news feed.

The Google News app is free to use for both Android and iPhone users.

2: Cricinfo

If you are a fan of cricket, then you would like to get the latest score updates of different international and domestic cricket matches. In fact, the Indian Premier League is going to start on the 9th of April and you would like to get its fixtures, match results, ball by ball coverage, and much more so, Cricinfo is an app that can provide you all this.

Here you can also enjoy the IPL Live streaming 2021 on your mobile devices. But, in case you don’t like to watch it live, you can install the Cricinfo app on your Android device or on iPhone and can get the latest score updates of every match of IPL.

3: Block Puzzle Jewel

It is a simple mobile game that doesn’t need a high-end graphics mobile or a powerful processor. You can play this simple, yet addictive app on your iPhone 5 or on an Android mobile running Android 5.0 without any problem.

You need to use your mind to place the blocks in such a way that there should be no gap in a row or a column. By completing a row, you can delete the blocks of that row or column. So, it will be a fun mobile app that can be used to kill your time and enjoy gaming.

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4: TripAdvisor

The most important app for frequent travelers is Google Maps that you already have on your Smartphone. But that is not enough; here is another app that you must use with Google maps. That is why I have included this app in my list of top 5 best and free mobile applications.

The app name is TripAdvisor and as the name suggests, you can get advice from real travelers for your next trip. You can get reviews from a lot of real people about any location in the world that you want to visit.

With that, you will also get suggestions about different locations like what you should wear, what kind of food you can find, and should you keep the cash or having a credit card is a more secure option.

5: BitWarden

Surely, you would like to keep your passwords and important data in a secure and protected place. BitWarden is an app that can keep all the passwords and your credentials in a secure and protected place with real-time encryption as well.

With the BitWarden password manager app, you can log in to your bank account, social accounts, email accounts, or any type of other accounts with just one click and you don’t need to type your passwords every time.


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