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5 Tips To Make Your Kraft Paper Board Attractive

5 Tips To Make Your Kraft Paper Board Attractive

The most popular choice in the printing and packaging sector for the last few years has been the Kraft paper board. There are strong reasons for the success of this particular material. These reasons are that it is one of the most economical materials which provides strength and most importantly, is eco-friendly. As the demand for nature-friendly materials has increased in the last few years, so the demand for Kraft is increased as well. Kraft is manufactured by going through a complex set of chemical processes that involve the removal of lignin material from wood because it is not great for making papers. The rest of the pulp that remains is then converted into paper sheets and can be shaped into different packaging products, like boxes, envelopes, etc. There are a lot of practical applications for Kraft in every business. From packaging food products to wrapping gifts, it is being used everywhere. In this modern world, only those products sell well that are attractive to the eyes of the customers. Packaging material also plays a vital role in the appearance of the package. If the material you use is premium, then obviously, your package will have a nice look and feel to it. There are many ways to make your Kraft paper board attractive. Let us discuss some of the ways how you can do that.

1. Use Bright Colors

The first and foremost thing you can do with your kraft board paper is to make sure that the colors you use for it are bright and vibrant. Many pieces of research have shown that brightly colored packages are more attractive to customers. This particular technique is specialized in the cosmetics industry. The whole cosmetic industry relies on the fact that people who are looking to beautify their appearance generally like brightly colored packages. This is why most of the cosmetic products you see have a coating on them that makes sure that the packaging is reflective as well. Apart from attracting customers, bright colors can also help the customers locate your product on the retail shelves faster. It would be so much easier for the customers to know that the package is from you.

2. Use Attractive Illustrations

The next best thing you can do to make your Kraft paper bulletin board more attractive is to make sure that you choose the right type of illustrations to be printed on it. Visual illustrations play a vital role in the success or failure of a product. Moreover, always try to choose the illustrations for your Kraft board according to the recent events. Like the holiday season is approaching, and with that, customers are generally trained to look at packages with a touch of Christmas to them. So this is your chance to relate with your customers. But one thing to note here is that you do not go overkill with your visual graphic design. Try to find the perfect balance while designing your Kraft paper.

3. Bold Typography

If there is one thing that makes sure that the customer is tempted to take a good look at your product, it is the typography. When you are done with all the other majority design factors and are left with the font style option for your Kraft paperboard boxes, it is important to choose the right design. Make your fonts bold and clear for the consumers to read easily. Most of the time, customers reject the product simply because the font style was too hard to read and that it was not attractive enough. Use proper colors for your fonts that are in contrast to the color of the Kraft liner board paper. This will help the text to pop out more and will look more attractive. Always use the best printing options and colors to print your text onto the Kraft paper.

4. Quality Finishing options 

When it comes to finishing options, this is where the Kraft paper bulletin board specializes. This material can be transformed by applying various finishing options. There are a lot of finishing options available to make a more beautiful and attractive package. These options include Glossy and Matte finish, Spot UV, Silver and Gold foiling, and Embossing or Debossing. One of the most popular choices currently in this material is Embossing. Thanks to the Kraft board thickness, embossing leaves a great impression on the paper and look and feels attractive. You can go for Glossy or matte designs too. Matte finish is mostly used for products related to men like perfumes, etc. 

5. Textures

Last but not least, you can go for unique textures on the Kraft paper to make your paperboard more attractive to the touch. There are a lot of options for adding a unique texture. These textures can resemble the pattern that is printed on the paper, or they can be a little rough. The whole concept of adding a texture to the Kraft paper is to make the package unique to hold. It is not limited to being just on the packaging boxes. It can also be done to door hangers and menu cards at the restaurants. There are manufactures of Kraft paper in the US that specialize in adding textures. So get in touch with them to know about how they do it. When it comes to making your Kraft paper board attractive, there are some very effective ways how you can do that. If you have come this far in the article, then by now, you must have some knowledge of how you can do that to your own Kraft paper. So what are you waiting for? Find the nearest supplier of Kraft board in your area and get started!


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