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6 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam


Being rich in cultural and natural diversities, Vietnam never ceases to amaze tourists. Vietnam’s beaches, mountains, historical areas, and striking landscape are the reasons why tourists all over the world continue to visit and love this country. 

In addition to that, its heritage sites and culinary delicacies are also remarkably unique and exquisite. Considering the diverse geographical characteristics of Vietnam, plan for your next holiday trip and book air new zealand reservations right away at very affordable rates. Follow up our guide of 6 places every tourist must visit while in Vietnam.

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List of 6 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam You Must Visit

1.Ho Chi Mihn

Known as Saigon or as Pearl of the Far East, Ho Chi Minh City is the busiest city in Vietnam. It is the center of the commerce and culture of the country. Ho Chi Minh City offers both traditional and exotic food choices. Saigon’s diverse cuisine offers you so many options, from cheap but delicious street food to luxury and mouth-watering Mediterranean mezze or Carolina-style barbecue pork ribs. So, if you like both traditional phở and intriguing fusion cuisine, you’re sure to find it in the busy streets of Saigon.


Highlighting a Combination of eastern and western culture, Hanoi is one of the biggest and well known urban communities in the nation. Hanoi is a 1,000-year-old city rich with history, connoting the nation’s social and recorded significance. This city is a UNESCO world legacy site because of its sanctuaries, antiquated fortifications, special theater, and stunning wild external the city. Vacationer locations like Temple of writing, Mausoleum, Water manikin theater, and commercial centers are situated in Hanoi. On the off chance that the term of your stay is restricted, we exceptionally recommend to visit Hanoi and stray the set of experiences and culture of Vietnam.

3.Ninh Bihn

Nihn Bihn is considered the land version of Ha long bay. The beautiful and peaceful scenery with limestone monolith and green pasture makes Nihn Bihn a must place to visit while in Vietnam. You can spend time rowing in boats and venture in Nihn Bihn caves or visit historical temples like Hang Mua Peak and Phat Diem Church. If you want to experience Vietnam’s biodiversity visit Cuc national park located in Ninh Binh, this park is best for hiking and has of great importance for the biodiversity of the country. 

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4.Cat ba Island

Cat Ba Island’s expansive beaches are relatively clean despite the growing number of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and tourist facilities. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are the most popular things to do on the island. Travelers can also enjoy a day of trekking, caving, and rock-climbing on Cat Ba Island, specifically at the Cat Ba National Park

5.Na Trang

Having the most days of sunshine per year, Na Trang has the best beaches in the country. It has a stunning bay dotted with islands and islets, surrounded by the clear blue sea. One of the must-try in Na Trang is their wide scope of seafood cuisine and their famous mud bath. If you want to indulge in the culture, chill, and enjoy your vacation be sure to visit Na Trang while in Vietnam. 

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6.Dha Nang (Golden Bridge)

 In the hills above Dhan Nang sits a 150m long golden bridge. It depicts the image of two ancient hands lifting a golden bridge with green pasture up to the blue sky. Golden Bridge has received architectural praises and awards due to its meticulous design. It had also been popular with tourists and bloggers due to its movie-like scenery, making it a place to visit while in Vietnam. So, visit british airways official website and book your flight ticket right now and show more on every booking to Vietnam. Book now and explore these places while in Vietnam.

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