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All About The PNG File Format

All About The PNG File Format

Do you sometimes wonder about PNG file format and what you can do using png file format? What are the differences that PDF and PNG file formats have and such? Do you have a hard time editing your photos when you use a PDF file, you can’t find tools to help you with these problems. It is not possible to edit your photos using PDF file format.

Changing over PDF file format to fix or edit your images is possible. Tons of platforms can help you with this problem. It is the only solution you can revisit to edit the photos you want to improve. Don’t get us wrong, PDF is an excellent format, but it’s just not for editing your images.

You are converting your PDF into PNG easily.

Users might wonder how to convert PDF to PNG. This process might sound hard, but this process is effortless changing your documents from another format to a new design. This tool is available online and for free using the PDFBear. They offer more than just one device. It is more or less thirty tools all for your PDF needs.

To use their tools, you have to have their web-browser and internet connection to search for their website. You must upload the file you want to convert in the drop boxes provided for every tool on their website. When you have uploaded it, the process will start automatically.

Converting your files is fast. You don’t have to wait for hours. When the conversion finishes, you can save your newly converted files into your devices, or you can either keep them in your google drive and cloud. You can also send it through your email or by copying the URL of your PDF and Merge pdf into it with your social media accounts.

What to know about the PNG file format

PNG file is Portable Network Graphics, made for your image compression. PNG has replaced the well-known GIF or Graphics Interchange Format. It was the format that was used widely in the past. 

Like the GIF format, the PNG file format compresses in a lossless manner, which means that all the image information will restore when your PNG file format decompresses when you view the image.

Comparing the JPG and PNG

Both image file formats are used worldwide, but both forms have differences. The JPG was designed in 1986. This file format for images only takes a few of your storage space. JPG image file format can display up to millions of colors. That is why this is excellent for your real to life images, for instance, the photographs you have.

JPG is not suitable for images with only a few colors, for instance, your screenshots, interface, and any other simple computer-generated graphics you have. There are advantages to using PNG over the JPG image file format. The top main advantage is that the PNG has a lossless compression.

Having a lossless compression means the quality won’t lose whenever you open and save your images again. PNG is also known for giving excellent quality for detailed images with high contrast. The PNG is the default file format for all of your screenshot images.

History of the PNG

PNG was made by a group based on working on the internet and was headed by the man known as Thomas Boutell. They made the PNG image file format in 1994. In 1994, the GIF format was known as a well-established format. The goal of the PNG is to upgrade the color support for images.

The first draft for the PNG file format was on January 4, 1995, and just after a week, people accepted almost all the offered features of the PNG file format. Within three weeks, the PNG team added seven more essential drafts for the PNG image file format.

In March 1995. All the specifications, or draft nine, were already in place and accepted. In October 1996, people gave the first version of PNG specification, the W3C recommendation. In the years 1998, 1999, and 2003 they released different interpretations because it became an international standard.

Some advantages of the PNG file format

There are many benefits you can gain from using PNG. There are just a few. The images will not lose their detail and quality when you compress them. The PNg file format is also suitable for all of your digital photos. It also supports your ideas with a transparent background when you squeeze them. There are more benefits you can find.


In editing your images, always find a format that will support your images’ needs and let you make whatever notable changes you want with your pictures. You can convert your PDF file format with images into PNG file format like the PDFBear platform.


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