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Application Testing Techniques Every Tester Should Know

application testing you should know

Application Testing means overall testing of the software’s for both the back end and the front end functionalities to load the testing. To unveil the errors of the software application this testing facility is done manually or sometimes with automation through both the scripts. The end to end functional testing of the software’s application is required to make the application work smoothly and without any difficulty. This testing will enable the Tester to understand the flaws in the software.  

Before launching any mobile apps the app must be tested beforehand to reduce the chances of errors to occur in the application software. 

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Different testing techniques every tester must know regarding applications testings:-  

There are several kinds of testing techniques that a tester needs to know in regards to applications testing. Therefore let’s explore the techniques one after the other to get a better insight into it.   

  • Usability Techniques:- The test is being used to evaluate how easy and simple it is for the users to reach their goals. Testers act as a user to understand that while using the apps whether they are facing any difficulty or not. A specified task is allotted to the users to observe how much time they are taking to complete the task. While using the app whether they are facing any difficulty or not.   

The feedback of the application is directly collected from the end-user and depending on it the further changes in the app are done.        

  • Compatibility testing:- In this form of testing the application is tested to understand that whether the application runs well on different devices, software, hardware specifications, and operating systems with varying networks and browsers as per the needs of the users. 

Different types of compatibility tests includes:- 

  1. Browser.  
  2. Hardware.  
  3. Device.  
  4. Operating system. 
  5. Network.  
  6. Mobile.    
  7. Different versions of software’s.         
  • Performance Testing:- To determine the responsiveness, speed, and stability of the application performance testing is required. An application testing service provider must consider performance testing before releasing the application in the market. The ultimate goal of this testing process is to eliminate the chances of the application flaws properly. If there is any flaw left then it can hamper the performance of the application.   An application must meet its desired objective before it gets live. Hence, the performance testing technique must be known to the application testing company.   
  • Different types of performance testing includes the following testing processes like   
  • Load testing.
  • Stress testing. 
  • Endurance testing.  
  • Spike testing. 
  • Volume testing. 
  • Security Testing:- The vital of all the testing techniques is the security testing it will help you to understand whether there are any flaws left in the application or not in regards to data safety. Your application must be secured and must not be vulnerable to data theft issues. Therefore, you need to perform different types of security testing.  
  1. Vulnerability scanning:– In the case of vulnerability scanning, it detects the weaknesses of hardware/software networks and computers. Automated software here is used to identify the potential points that may lead to security breach issues and remove them from the application.
  2. Penetration testing:- In this testing system it is detected and tested that weather unauthorized access to the system is possible or not that can be done by the hackers manually or in an automated manner. The application testing consultant must identify this point and remove such possibilities from the application.
  3. Security scanning:- The basic objective of this process is to identify the weakness of the security system and remove those errors from the application. 
  4. Security auditing:- Against a certain set of standards, the risk level of the application is tested to ensure that the basic security standards are met by the application

Hence, security testing techniques must be known to a tester to ensure better security facility of the mobile application.    

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  • Installation testing:- The installation testing is required to understand whether the app is being installed and installed in a proper manner or not. This will help the application to ensure that the proper installation process of the app is possible or not.   
  • Localization testing technique:- A mobile application testing company must ensure that the local and the regional languages ate properly included in the application or not. It is essential to identify the adaptability of the application as per the state, region, and locality where this application is being used. 

Some of the important areas that an application company must focus are 

  1. Proper usage of time zone formats date & Time. 
  2. User interface and text.  
  3. Diverse regulation requirements. 
  4. Acceptability of the local currency. 

Hence, these factors are very crucial that a tester must know before making any application live on the global platform.   

  • System testing:- The process of system testing technique includes the fact to check whether the complete integrated system is used to identify the fact that how components interact with one another. It is used to verify that it meets the specific requirement of the customers or not. The effective working of each component is essential to make the application live in the market. The application testing company must consider this factor seriously to deliver the best mobile application in the market. Otherwise, it will be of no use to make use of such an application.  


Hence, if you want to be a successful application tester then you must be aware of these above testing techniques. The basic idea here is to deliver quality applications with error-free services. If you want to become a successful application tester then you must have the knowledge of these testing techniques to deliver the right product to your customers. Therefore, you need to use the best automation application testing techniques to discover the flaws in the application before it gets launched in the market. Therefore, try to learn these techniques to ensure a better experience of your users. 


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