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Artificial Intelligence and How AI Helps In Marketing?

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There is so much competition in the market that companies are putting their hearts out to find new & innovative ways to gain customer attention. With technology making its presence felt in every sector, the marketing field is not so far behind. There is a unique yet very effective combination of artificial intelligence and marketing. This pair has become so much important for the companies that it is very hard for them to think about their marketing campaign without AI.

What is AI marketing?

It is an advanced marketing method that has the potential to predict the next move of customers and improve its journey. AI marketing uses machine learning to create and analyze data for further actions. This also helps to gain deeper customer’s insights and improve the satisfaction level. Artificial intelligence marketing is also considered as the future of content marketing. The way & speed at which it is evolving, that time is not far when AI can create engaging content for relevant audiences.

The role of AI in digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best & key ways to promote any business. Not only it can help reach a wider audience but it also assists in making your brand noticed. The integration of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has done wonders for the companies and this is just a start yet. Let us see what role AI can play in your digital marketing campaign:

  • Email marketing

Daily we come across hundreds of emails promoting businesses and selling something and we don’t even open two them. This is what bulk mails can do and leave your one unnoticed. Here comes AI to the rescue while doing email marketing. AI-generated system has got the ability to analyze and identify the best time & days to contact customers by scouring & studying millions of data. So, the chances that your message will be read will become high. Besides, AI also gives recommendations about the subject lines & titles that can generate more clicks.

  • Chatbots

You must have an idea about what a chatbot is. It is programmed software that can automate conversation with a client in a responsive & elegant manner. They are AI-powered systems that are now being used by numerous companies to take their business to another level. Implementation of chatbots nullifies the requirement of large numbers of customer care executives to answer customer queries. Plus, they can remain active 24/7 and record each customer’s data. There might be a 1% chance that a customer care executive loses his/her temper but with AI (chatbot) this would never be the case.

  • Predictions

Imagine a situation where a teacher has predicted which questions could be there in the exam. This will be really easy for children to prepare to get good grades. Similar is the case with AI when it is integrated with your marketing campaign. It can predict the next move of the customers to assure a better journey for them. An AI chatbot can give suggestions to customers based on their search history and purchases they’ve made earlier. Besides, it can also analyze which of the client can make more than one purchase with behavioral analytics. Just like we read reviews & check configurations before laptop or headphone, similarly AI does to identify the customers.

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  • Social media

Facebook, Instagram, etc. are several social media platforms where millions of users stay online 24/7. So imagine how much response you can get if you use these platforms for digital marketing. You can employ your AI-powered bots to these platforms to get a good response from interested viewers. As mentioned above, artificial intelligence can also give suggestions to individuals on social media based upon their search history.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence marketing

  • Improved lead generation and conversion

Artificial intelligence-based systems help in segregating the customer data by automatically asking relevant questions to identify what he/she is looking for. Based on that, the system analyzes and identifies leads that can now be contacted by sales executives to convert them into sales. With the information about everything that a client is looking for, a salesperson can beforehand focus on effective ways by which conversion can be made and the client can be satisfied.

  • Reduced abandonment

If the customer abandons your brand, then it is very difficult to gain the trust back. The prime reason for abandonment is the bulk mails sent by the sales team and irrelevant offers. This makes people annoyed and the result is not good. Here AI plays a major role by optimizing emails and personalizing messages. Plus, it also suggests the best time to send them to get noticed.

  • Cost reduction

This is one of the significant & most important benefits of employing artificial intelligence in marketing. Studies have noticed that more than 70-80% of customer interaction via chat will be done without human interaction. This means no big customer care team is required to take queries 24/7 plus the existing force can focus more on several other important things for the company’s growth.

  • Refined content delivery

By identifying potential buyers, AI can assist in sending specific content to customers that they will find useful. Hence, it’ll be a key tool in increasing sales that too without human intervention. It is not only about one single customer, but AI can also do this for thousands or even more buyers and help the company grow.

The conclusion – Artificial Intelligence

We can say that there is no bar to the technology and it is still in its growing stage. AI in marketing is still in its infancy yet it has delivered a lot. We can’t even imagine what magic it could do in the future. We have only discussed some of the benefits and ways by which companies have benefited by employing AI in their marketing campaigns. There is much more that it can do. AI is becoming a must if you want to give a tough competition to your competitors or else, you’ll stay far behind.


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