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Basic but essential tips for successful stocks traders


2020 has been the most remarkable year for incoming new traders since many started to consider investing as a way of saving money (and potentially gaining more). Since many advise people on the Internet, from beginners to experts, we decide to write an article that will summarize the basics of successful trading on the stock market. Naturally, the overall success will depend on you, but it can only be a plus to start on the right foot. You will avoid wasting time on useless scam websites, ads, and information to get a lot easier. Here, we compiled a list of must-do things to check once you decide you wanted to trade. Let’s begin.

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Choose the right online broker.

As a beginner, the first thing you should prioritize is certified and licensed companies and brokers with a certificate and good reviews. This way you minimize scams’ risks, since people who complain that trading is a scam are usually the ones who fell for the first flashy commercial that promised they would earn thousands in a week. These people probably impulsively jump into it, but since you are reading this, we suppose you want to know what you are getting into. That is why we recommend researching online about certified brokerages. Yes, some websites can fake this very well. Going to a regulator website, which aims to list every licence and company is the easiest, and the safest way to be a safe company of your choice isn’t a scam. These websites act as a sort of authority figure – if you don’t see the company on their list, it means you should look for another one. It’s also relatively easy to recognize who’s an expert and a scammer regarding certified brokers. A certified broker will have good reviews and LinkedIn, together with his portfolio on more than one social network. If you can’t find much about the broker, it’s already sketchy enough. 

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IRA Accounts

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. It is reasonable brokers will consider steady income as a plus when you want to start trading stocks. Why do we mention the IRA if you need to open a trading account if you want to buy or sell stocks? Because many beginners don’t know the IRA option is also on the table, and if you have an IRA, trading can be more profitable for you as a trader. The IRA has more advantage if we are talking about taxes and it’s possible to avoid them altogether. You can open an Individual Retirement Account if you are a freelancer, and you reached the 401 thousand annual maximum. If you don’t think about saving for retirement, there is no second thought about opening a trading account. Still, if you meet the annual maximum, the IRA can meet your retirement goals, and you will be able to open an account with them. Another important thing for beginners to mention is that they usually choose penny stock when they start because you can trade stock for less than $10.

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What stock seems attractive for you?

Research is important once you start getting interested in trading, and it doesn’t apply only to companies and brokers. There is certainly a company you see is going big, or you think they’ve been stable for quite some time, so you want to invest in their stocks. Analysis is vital not only to understanding but also for trading stocks. There are different types of analysis, but before you open an account and start working together with your broker, you can research how much company has grown in the past years, how they handle the pandemic, what they invested in, etc. Their growth potential is essential and how much they influence the movement of the stock market. You will talk about these things a lot with your broker since they will be the expert you should primarily rely on, especially as a beginner. Follow their advice, since an expert wants to make a profitable trader out of their client, even if you think he’s not making sense. If you don’t understand much, ask him and in your free time try educating yourself more about the market terms and how it functions in general. 

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Trading plan and goal

Another basic, yet crucial piece of advice would be to make a solid. Start by making a money plan if you don’t have one, so you know how much money you are dealing with monthly. Once you are more in control of your finances, it gets easier to figure out your tradings’ goal. You want to become a trader so you can do something with the money you will get overtime, so what is it? It will be much easier to stay patient when things are not easy on the market and know what you are working towards. Discuss your trading plan with your broker, since he will be able to tell you if you should start with a demo account first, start live trading right away and point out basic mistakes you might’ve made if you didn’t have an expert by your side.

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