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Best CORSAIR KEYBOARDS Everything you Should Know


When we are learning about the Best Corsair Keyboards, w must learn about the company and its subsidiaries. Corsair or commonly known as Corsair was established in 1994 at Fremon, California. Corsair is located in the US with the address of their HQ as 47100 Bayside Parkway Fremont, 94358.

The company designs and produces various devices for computers. It ranges from CPU, USB flash drives, Keyboards, Dram Modules, ATX Power supply, Computer cases, and speakers. The company headquartered in California was founded by Andy Paul, John Berkely, Don Liebermann.

The Product range of Corsair gaming is very wide.

  • Computer Cases
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • PC Components
  • Microphones
  • USB Drives
  • Computer Fans
  • Headset
  • Audio Headsets used for gaming
  • Capture Cards

Corsair keyboards has a subsidiary company called Elgato which provides a studio platform for content creators. Corsair is a high-end and popular hardware company in the world that manufactures everything required in computer devices. Thier are in existence for more than 2 decades now and have climber many ranks to reach the top of the ladder, Due to their thirst for more innovation and quality products, Corsair is constantly upgrading itself. If are famous for producing all the computer components which make the life of a gamer very simple. The have all the products which are need by the gamers from an amateur to a full-fledged professional. The PC component division of the Corsair is well renown and award-winning. They have won many prizes and they also offer streaming products and lighting objects also.

There are different categories in the keyboard series of Corsair

•        RGB Mechanical Keyboards

•        Wireless Keyboards

•        Mechanical Gaming Boards

•        Standard Gaming Board

•        iCue Nexus

•        Corsair K 70

Some of the most famous New Corsair Keyboards are

•        RGB Gaming Boards (Mechanical)-It has got a good speed and responsiveness rate.

•        Mechanical Keyboards-This keyboard type from the Corsair offers you some disturbance-free gaming time for its users. This has got some amazing keys and players can use the keyboards for all the gaming purposes.

Wireless keyboard-You can play games and enjoy music with this wireless keyboard. This will help you to use this Keyboard anywhere and anytime.

iCUE Nexus-This is one of the pivot models in new Corsair Keyboards.

Standard Gaming keyboards-these keyboards are best use for standard gaming keyboards. You can play high-end graphical games easily with this keyboard as it has got some superb add-on features to it.

The Best Corsair Keyboards according to the reviews are

1.       Corsair K55 RGB-

This is a very entry-level good gaming keyboard. It has a rubber did and a switch box.

It has got good latency and good ergonomics which also includes a detachable wrist and also has a one incline setting. This Keyboard also has detachable media and macro keys in it. This Keyboard also has detachable media and macro keys for its support and companion software which allows it to be more compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Best Corsair Keyboards


  • The keys sometimes feel heavy when pressed.
  • It has got only adequate quality.

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2. Corsair K 70RGB TKL

TKL is consider one of the finest keyboards from the Corsair brand. This is an 80% smaller version of the Corsair K70 RGB. This has a well-built material that comes with solid PBT keycaps. One another interesting feature for the K70 RGB TKL series is that it has a tournament mode through which the players can switch and disables all macro and displays a single color. This will help the gamers to focus on gaming itself.

Corsair K 70RGB TKL


•        The keys for the K70 RGB are very light and easy to press.

•        It also has full RGB.

•        It also has excellent backlighting.

•        It is well built too.

3. Corsair K65 RGB Mini

This series has an excellent compact 60% gaming keyboard. It also has a sturdy-feeling build and is exceptionally low latent. This is also one of corsair’s first key odd which has an advertised 8000 Hz polling rate. Although, this series doesn’t have many features to its feathers one thing to be said is about its controls. It has got excellent control which is highly customizable and it also has full lighting which individually lifts the keys and gives a new light. The responsiveness rate is also good. The feeling typing quality with the linear MX cherry speed is also nice and its switches on the unit are also test.

71niQiKL9lL. SL1500


•        It has an exceptionally low latent.

•        Quality is also outstanding.

•        All the keys are very macro programmable.

•        It has got full RGB keyboards with individual lift keys also.


•        It’s doesn’t have a written rest. Also, it doesn’t have multiple incline settings on the Keyboard.

4. Corsair K55 RGB- Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB- Pro has got a decent quality level of gaming. It offers a good gaming experience to the users. It also has rubber done switches and zone lit. It also has got RGB backlighting. This has a very low latent rate and good ergonomics. This keyboard also has nice dedicated media and macro keys for software companion which offers plenty of customization options too. Sadly, the Corsair K55 RGB has got only adequate build-up quality.

Corsair K55 RGB- Gaming Keyboard

5. Corsair K 70 RGB MK 2

This is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is design with an aluminum chassis to give a new and professional design for the Keyboard. This connection has made it become more popular and stylish too. It has an inbuilt system of MX Key switches and FPS keys also help you to have good control of your game if you love shooting games more. This also has a 100% key ghosting Roll over the UPS which helps in maintaining its accuracy. Another thing to mention is the fact that it has customizable Key backlighting with key bindings in every stroke which gives you a different feeling and makes you feel more thrilled while playing the game. It is a fully mechanical one so this helps you to play your game without any hassle too.

image 4

The cool black aluminum chassis gives you an elegant feel and its durability also helps you play the game for a longer duration. One another exciting feature for gamers is that it has got amazing multimedia options. It offers you the opportunity to play the game and also the music too.So now start playing then stop and pause according to your likes.

•        It has a soft wrist rest which allows you to take a break when you need after hours of play.

•        There is an extra USB connector that helps you to connect your mouse or Bluetooth when you need it.

•        For the purpose of good typing, there is a feature of extra keycap and keycap replacement tool also available with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between the vengeance and Raptor gaming lineup?

Vengeance keyboard specifically uses MC switches in its range’s 75 range has Cherry MX Red, Blue, and brown variants while the K 65 and K95 use cherry MX reds. But the raptor range of new Corsair Keyboards uses Membrane switches which are also use in other Traditional keyboards available in the market. The major difference between membrane keys and mechanical switches is that the membrane keys are very quiet compare to the other. People have also become used to using the membrane keys.

2. Why does my Scroll Lock LED flash?

With the help of BIOS mode in the settings in the mechanical keyboards, users can use it to work with legacy steps. Through the help of BIOS mode pooling rate can be change in the mechanical keyboards. So, if you are using an older system and the keyboard is not configuring you can use the BIOS mode to enable it and it will act as a 108 key peripheral to work it.

3. What is the meaning of 1, 2, 4, and 8 settings?

This value tells about the polling rate of the keyboard. The polling rate will tell about the exact number of time taken to convert the information in the computer. If you feel that the computer is working slowly, you can increase the polling rate to speed up the work by decreasing other resources of the CPU.

4. What is the meaning of N-Key rollover?

These terms are often relate to the features of the keyboard.It describes how many keys to be used to register the input. But with the N-Key feature, any number of keys can be use to register the input. Earlier, it was 6 keys were use to register the input.

5. Is the USB port for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

The USB Port is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. But specifically, it is more related and gives more speed in USB 2.0. If you have do not have USB ports available you don’t need to use them. It uses its own USB pass-through.

6. What does the Windows Lock key do?

The role of the Windows key is to enable and disable the Windows key next to the ALT buttons. This function helps to continue the game without any disturbances as sometimes you may be pressing the button unknowingly while playing the game. You can also purchase the best new corsair keyboards


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