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Best Hearing Aid for Profound Hearing Loss

Best Hearing Aid

People who suffer from profound hearing loss are more or less deaf. In order for them to function in everyday life, they will need a hearing aid device. Read on to know which device is recommended for profound hearing loss.

What does profound hearing loss mean?

Profound hearing loss essentially describes what level your hearing loss is at. It refers to how severe your hearing condition is.

When someone has profound hearing loss, that person will not be able to make out what most of the sounds in their environment are. This type of hearing loss will also affect how you make sense of speech as well. When a person has profound hearing loss, that person is more or less practically deaf. This type of hearing loss can be present right from birth or they can also take place over a period of time. This type of hearing loss is classified as being above the range of 90 decibels. Essentially, if a person has profound hearing loss, they are technically considered to be deaf. For these people, the only option is to use digital hearing aids that are rechargeable.

It is important to note that although these people may be technically deaf, a whole of them are not a part of the Deaf community. This community is a type of culture where communication is done using sign language and they may also be using hearing technology.

Also, most of the people who have this type of hearing loss will be able to undergo an evaluation for cochlear implants. It is important to know that not all of them will be eligible for getting a cochlear implant.

What qualities make a hearing aid good for profound hearing loss?

When it comes to Best hearing aids canada is consider for treating profound hearing, the most important feature that the device needs to have is proper gain that does not cause any distortion or feedback.

A lot of the people who have this type of hearing loss have a hard time making sense of speech and they will most likely use a hearing aid in order to better understand the sounds in their environment. It is very important that the instrument is able to produce a lot of gain that is able to cover the entire frequency range. This is because a lot of people who have profound hearing loss will be better able to understand some sounds than others.

In order to properly and better understand speech, most of the people who have profound hearing loss will need their hearing aids with an FM system or maybe a remote device with mics. This is important because this will allow the device to pick up the correct sounds from the environment and then amplify only those sounds. Therefore, it is essential that the hearing aid you get is able to integrate easily with the accessories we have mentioned.

Things to keep in mind when buying a hearing aid for profound hearing loss

If you think your hearing loss is profound, then it is highly recommended that you get an evaluation for cochlear implants. As we have mentioned before, not everyone is eligible to get a cochlear implant. For these people, the only option is to use hearing aids.

When we talk about hearing aids made specifically for this type of hearing loss, the design options that will be available to you are pretty much limited to just the RIC and BTE styles. However, you will still be able to choose what type of performance you would like from the device. It must be mentioned that when it comes to these types of hearing aids, the more you spend the better the device you get will be.

When you get the higher levels of performance you will also have to be ready to spend considerably more. This is why it would be a good idea to balance the budget you have and also the requirements you have from the device. This will enable you to get a device that is properly suited to your needs.

One thing that is very important when it comes to hearing aids for this type of hearing loss is a custom earmold. The amount of power that will be required to operate this device makes it very necessary that the device fits securely so that it does not cause any feedback.

The main thing that will determine if the device you are getting is proper is how well it can differentiate speech especially in noisy environments. It is important to know that even if you have the best hearing aid ever made, poor speech recognition issues cannot be solved by a hearing aid device by itself.

Nano Sigma

This particular brand of hearing aid device has Bluetooth functionality and it can be controlled by the Nano app on the smartphone of the user. This device is a behind-the-ear type of hearing aid device. You should check some of the nano hearing aid reviews before purchasing.

The app will work by first conducting a type of hearing test on the user. This test will be able to determine the frequency settings that need to be applied to both the ears. The device will automatically adjust and go to this mode.

Some of the more noteworthy features of the Nano Sigma are listed below:

  • Four sizes of earbuds
  • It fits well, even on those who wear glasses.
  • Comes with noise reduction technology
  • A User’s Guide
  • Battery supplies that will last about 6 months
  • It is well suited for just about anyone who wears glasses

All things considered, the Nano Sigma is the one hearing aid device that we can recommend without any hesitation for people who suffer from profound loss of hearing. This is not something to be taken lightly. If you think you are suffering from hearing loss, consult with an audiologist as soon as you can.


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