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Best Places to Visit in Winter

Hotels near Golden Temple
Seating and Sleep camps set up in the Desert to have a good time

The winter season is all set for enjoyment of vacations and people of India would love to travel to various places according to their interests. Yes, there are many places that you can choose according to your interests as people might have different interests in enjoying their holidays.

There are mainly three types of interests about which we will talk in this article and these types are religious interest, hot places, and cool places. People can wish to travel to a religious place, a warmer place, and to a cooler place that would allow them to enjoy their travel according to their own choices.

Freedom Fight of India

There are places that fulfil your desires of travelling to a place of your interest as you can enjoy your holidays at a place where you would feel comfortable. If you are willing to enjoy your vacations this winter then you can choose from the following three places according to your interest. All these three places have a lot to offer you according to your choice and you will enjoy visiting these places for sure.

Golden Temple for Religion and History Lovers: If you have a great interest in Indian history and you are a beloved child of God then you should visit Amritsar, Punjab. There are many places in Amritsar that would allow you to know more about the great Indian culture and the freedom fight of India.

The best attraction in Amritsar is the Golden Temple which is the most beautiful and religious place in Amritsar. If you are one of those who want to spend some quality time with the holiness of God then Golden Temple is the best place for you to visit this winter. Although it would be very cold here in winter yet you can enjoy a soothing and warm experience with the company of God.

Hotels near Golden Temple

You can travel here with your family and you can stay at any one of the Hotels near Golden Temple which are famous for their world-class services at the lowest cost. Everything will be available inside the hotel that you would need to enjoy a soothing experience in Amritsar because of the quality of food and all required amenities will allow you to enjoy your trip to Amritsar. We assure you that once you visit the Golden Temple you will come back again and again here as the experience is so soul soothing here in Golden Temple.

Mashobra Shimla for Snow Lovers: If you are one of those who want to enjoy snowfall and snow games then your best destination for this winter is Mashobra Shimla. It is a place where you would be able to fulfil all your desires related to snow sports as you can go for mountain climbing, snowball fighting, and skating on the snow.

Budget Hotels in Mashobra

Well, it is the best place for those who want a chilling and thrilling experience during their winter holidays. While you visit this place you should know that the temperature here will be very low and you would need to take some precautions as well. If you are visiting with your family then you would need to book a room in one of the Budget Hotels in Mashobra because spending extra money on accommodation is not a good idea at all when you can get the same level of services at a relatively cheaper cost.

You will get all facilities that you can get from a five-star hotel but the best thing is that you will get it for a cheaper price in Mashobra. Make sure you travel here before Christmas because later on, you will find it hard to find a room in any hotel in Mashobra.

Rajkot for Family Outings: Rajkot is one of the places that are not so cooler in temperature but it is full of cool places that would amaze you and allow you to enjoy your trip here with your family. It can be called a paradise for families as there are a lot of places that are specially meant for children and families.


The place is not so cold as compared to Northern Indian cities hence you can enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere although it can get colder in winter still the temperature would not be too low to spoil your experience. If you don’t want to experience the chilling cold of North India then you should visit Rajkot as there are many museums, children’s parks, playgrounds and many other others that can be visited by you with your family and friends.

If you are travelling from away places then there is our Luxury Hotel in Rajkot where you can make your stay as long as you are here in Rajkot. We assure you of the best services at the most nominal cost and your experience here in Rajkot will never be compromised.


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