Men of this era are more fashion-conscious than the previous generation. Along with trying to be in trend, they also analyze the positives of a particular trend. One such trend doing the rounds today is bracelet men and men’s Kada. Both are in rage and equal demand. It can be confusing to make the pick. Do not worry; we are here to help you. Read on to know more and make a conscious decision.

Before we analyze the merits and demerits of a bracelet and a Kada, we shall look into each.


Bracelets for men are not a new concept. This has originated from Kada. Over the years, the simple Kada has evolved into fashion trend-setting bracelets. With so many intricate designs available, men are definitely spoilt with choices in this section.

Different types of bracelets are available for men. Few of them are

  • Broad Metal Bracelets

Known as the most versatile and fashionable, these broad metal bands are best paired with formal business attire. Remember not to wear them over the cuff. Instead, alter the sleeve length. Do not wear them on the same hand as a watch and pick the metal color based on skin tone. A silver bracelet men is an ideal choice.

  • Rope Cord and Strings

There are cords available in varying thicknesses. They can be mixed and worn with your watches. It can be used for all kinds of events, be it formal or casual.

  • Leather Cuffs

This is the most casual bracelet available in town. It must be worn with T-shirts and jeans only. For a rugged look, opt for bracelets with skeleton heads.

  • ID Bracelets

To give yourself a retro look, go ahead and choose these bracelets. They also aid you in flaunting your name. Silver bracelets for men or platinum bracelets are the most sought bracelets in this category.


Kada is more often seen as a religious ornament, worn mainly by the Sikhs from time immemorial. Of late, though, men have started to wear them irrespective of religion. Made mostly from iron and copper, Kada comes in many designs. Depending on the metal, wearing a Kada provides the following benefits.

  • Gold Kada

Considered the most auspicious metal, gold helps regulate the body temperature. Apart from promoting healthy blood flow, it also ensures the overall well-being of an individual.

  • Silver Kada

It is widely believed that Silver can heal wounds. In addition, it is an effective antimicrobial agent and helps fight infections.

  • Copper Kada

Copper is known to relieve stress and control blood pressure. Therefore, a copper Kada is generally believed to keep the person wearing it in a good mood and regulates his stress levels.

Tips for Wearing Bracelets and Kadas

You must remember a few basics before wearing a bracelet or a Kada.

  • Do not wear a bracelet or a Kada on the same hand as your watch
  • Wear a bracelet or Kada with a dull finish
  • Do not wear more than one Kada or bracelet
  • Keep in mind the occasion before wearing one
  • It is always preferred to keep one wrist free
  • If you plan to wear a cord bracelet, you can wear the watch on the same hand.
  • Never wear more than two cord bracelets at the same time.
  • Do not wear a loose Kada.
  • Make sure that the bracelet is close to the skin and not dangling much.
  • Do not wear a chunky bracelet that is heavy. Remember the thumb rule; large bracelets are for thick wrists and small bracelets for thin wrists. 

Bracelet Vs. Kada

Though not very different, a bracelet and a Kada each serve different purposes.

  • The basic difference is that while a bracelet is flexible in the form of a chain, a Kada is solid. 
  • While a bracelet for men is considered more modern, a Kada is considered traditional.
  • Bracelets are the choice for casual attire, whereas a Kada wins for all the ethnic wear.
  • Kada is believed to give a more masculine outlook.
  • Bracelets cannot be worn for everyday use, while a Kada can be worn daily.
  • Kada has a historical significance

So it’s your choice

Each person’s style is different. On the basis of your preferences and style statement, you can go with either bracelet for men or a Kada and get quality products at the best price by searching for dil ki deals. If you are still unsure, keep it simple and experiment before getting comfortable with a style. Remember that whatever your choice, it has to complement the outlook you have decided for the day. Bracelet or a Kada are trendsetters in their way and are sure to notch up your style quotient. Both are meant to catch the eyes of the audience, and if carried well, they sure will do.


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