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Browse Safely With The Most Secured And The Best Free VPN For Windows

Free VPN For Windows

As most of us are not habitual of using VPN for safe browsing on the internet, we often think of VPN as an unsecured alternative to browsing with the original IP address. But, in reality, VPN is a more secure way because of powerful encryption to prevent yourself from being tracked. However, a few VPN, because of some issues, sometimes reveal your real IP address. Thus, there are still some chances of getting tracked by your internet service provider. Here, iTop VPN comes as the most secured and the best free VPN for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Why Is iTop VPN The Most Secured Free VPN For Windows?

There are a few parameters to test if a VPN is secure or not. iTop VPN fulfills all these parameters, thus, it’s the best free VPN for Windows with extra security. Here are the reasons why it is the most secured VPN.

  1. There is no Malware in the iTop VPN provider. In a huge number of free VPNs, malware is in the form of advertisements. And, these advertisements are the only way to earn revenue. iTop VPN undergoes several frequent malware detection processes to ensure that there won’t be any compromise with your privacy.
  2. Where several free VPNs use embedded third-party trackers to keep an eye on the users’ activities. But, iTop VPN doesn’t use any tracker at all, we have no interest in what our user is searching on our virtual IP address.
  3. In the previous versions of iTop VPN, many users faced an issue that the use of VPN slowed down their connection speed. But, in the latest update of iTop VPN, developers have fixed this issue.
  4. Several VPNs allow the government to track the activity going on the virtual IP address. It is because of weak privacy laws or the conditions applied by the government to the parent company. But, iTop VPN does not include such countries in the list of internet provider countries at all. 
  5. To ensure that you are connected using your virtual IP address, iTop VPN allows you to check your IP address in real-time just by looking at the top of your screen.
  6. Unlike many other VPNs, iTop VPN allows users to choose any country from the list. Moreover, after choosing any of those countries, you can also change your choice by just disconnecting from one and connecting to another one.

An Easy-To-Use VPN For New Users

Users who have never tried a VPN before will find iTop VPN very easy. Just download it on your Windows or Android device and launch the VPN. Now, click on the Tap To Connect button and within a few seconds, your IP address is altered, and your device is connected to a foreign internet service providing server. That’s all you have to do. Just browse whatever you want to. 

You can also access those Netflix web series that are not available on your current IP address. Thus, streaming on Netflix becomes easy with the use of iTop VPN

For PUBG players, there are especially recommended Koria servers with some servers of Singapore. In case of high ping, you can switch among them. UDP_K protocol ensures that your network connection speed is high so that you don’t have to work or play at slow speeds. In some rare cases, if the connection speed on the VPN suddenly drops down abnormally, to prevent your private data from getting leaked, Kill Switch disables the internet from that particular server.

In addition to fast speed, high security, user-friendliness, and several other convenient features, what else can be expected from a VPN? Thus, all the above qualities prove the iTop VPN the best free VPN for Windows.


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