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Buy Best Leather Work Gloves from YGS

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For the best leather work gloves, you must need the best examination and satisfied gloves. In this industry, many organizations offer you leather work gloves. But on the best note, you can buy this product from a reputed company. The company has more than four decades of experience in this field. The company is offering leather work gloves to the clients and that is industry best. But before going to details we must know about the product in brief.

Leather Gloves

Gloves are one of the renowned due to their flexibility and durability. It is also fit your hands for using purpose. Leather also allows the sensibility at the working time. So, many experts suggest having leather exam gloves for the job. 


In the whole industry, many professionals like construction workers, workers at factories or in the real estate sector, or general people are using these gloves. It is widely used in construction work, factory works, and in general. But there is a small difference between the other gloves and the best leather work gloves. Leather gloves are widely used by many people for general use and in winter and chilling weather. On the other hand, medical, surgical gloves are used by doctors, surgeons, and nurses for operating. 

The Features

Leather gloves have many features. The following are the features of latex gloves. 

a) It can save your hands from freezing. 

b) It gives you the best cover from anything you touch. 

c) Durability is another positive character of the latex gloves. 

d) High sensitivity to touch.

e) It is widely used by the medical staff and also referred by the doctors. 

f) It is mid-range barrier protection.

g) It is comfortable and easy to use. 

h) It is flexible.

The Importance

Following are the basic important features of the leather gloves.

1) It protects hands from injury and harmful contaminants. 

2)         Leather gloves are skin tight so they have touch and grip flexibility. 

3) It helps to protect from ice. 

4) It prevents moisture, chemical substance, and offer further protection from any kinds of chemical liquid. 

5) Some leather gloves design in a way that protects you from sharp objects like scissors, knives, etc. 

6) It also saves you from medical injury. 

Your Gloves Source or YGS

Your Gloves Source is offering one of the best leather work gloves in the market. YGS is one of the pioneer companies in the industry. Your Gloves Source was established in 1980. From the very beginning of their journey, they have started to production of gloves. In the early 90’s many new regulations, the production of gloves got new way. Many regulations are imposed on these kinds of products. YGS has taken the initiative and start to take entry into the industry with new ideas. They offer various kinds of medical exam gloves. They offer different types and colors, etc in the sector.  YGS offers a variety of products and services to the customers. 


They offer various kinds of leather work gloves. YGS offers different colors, sizes, thicknesses, and brands. Their medical exam gloves are very popular and useful in the medical industry. They offer reliable, healthy, comfortable gloves to the customers. They offer different brands like Apollo, Boss, Global Glove and PIP, etc. The prices of the gloves are very affordable. The price range of their products is 4.69 USD to 20.38 USD. 

Reasons to choose YGS

1) They offer the best product for leather work gloves. As you know in the winter season or the works sector it can harm your hands. The gloves help you and protect you from that.  They offer various kinds of design and thickness to protect you from any damage. 

2) They use the best scientific method, best technology, proper guidance time of the production.  They offer powder-free medical gloves. It is made of leather. Their gloves are protected and safe from many bad effects like allergies and other infective objects. They always take the suggestion from the medical staffs while doing the production. 

3) At YGS, they understand that customer service is the best part to attract your clients. They offer all kinds of associate sales services like pre-sales, post-sales services to the clients. They understand in this industry a customer can have many quarries. So, they welcome all the valuable suggestions of the customers. They always believe satisfied customers are precious to any organization. Due to this reason, they always offer customer support. Due to this reason, they have opened a customer support department to solve customer related issues. 

4) They also offer customized and preferable services. If you have any urgency the take care of that. They deliver the products without any hassle and problems. They like to take up any challenge. 

5) They offer a better price. You can find many companies who are offering high rates. But at YGS they never charge a high price. They always offer reasonable prices in the industry. 

6) They also offer online facilities to the customers. As a customer, you can check all descriptions of the products and rates online. 


Leatherwork gloves are a very important object in the winter season and freezing weather. So, if people want to do work safely and the best way they must use gloves. YSG is offering the best leather work gloves to their clients. The customers are happy to have their products. 


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