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CAMS IPO Allotment Status Check|CAMS GMP Today

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CAMS IPO Grey Market Premium| Cams Ipo Company Review | CAMS IPO Financials | CAMS IPO Business Model CHEMCON IPO Allotment Status Check| Cams Ipo allotment status and date check

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CAMS IPO 2020 Subscription Details Updated (Day by Day)

CAMS IPO Allotment status 2020 live subscribed details on a day to day basis by the investor’s category wise from BSE site official website. Till 09 23, 2020 18:00, the public issue was subscribe 49 times overall. CAMS IPO received bids for about 5.91 times issue size in retail category, times issue size in QIB category respectively, and 1.22× issue size in the Non-institutional category.

Friends, another IPO is going to be launch, CAMS IPO grey market price It will be live from Monday, means you can bid on it from Monday Now the question is what is CAMS? You might have heard its name a lot But you might not know about its business.

Let’s talk about CAMS, India’s biggest RTA, RTA means Registrar and Transfer Agent I will try to answer your queries in this video regarding CAMS. We will be covering three main points First, what’s the Business model of CAMS, which all sectors it is currently operating in.

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CHEMCON IPO Allotment Status check Procedure:

  • Here are few easy & simple steps to check your cams ipo allotment status :
  • Visit the CAMS and CHEMCON IPO allotment status below given linl
  • Click on the CAMS IPO allotment status and enter your official PAN number and application number of your demat account to check the status of your IPO allotment online.
cams ipo allotment status check
chemcon ipo status allotment check
cams gmp today
chemcon gmp today

Clich here to Check Allotment Status

Chemcon IPO allotment status check online click here

CAMS IPO Dates & Price Band:

 IPO Open: 21 09 2020
 IPO Close: 23 092020
 IPO Size: Approximate ₹2240 – ₹2244 Crores (Approx)
 Face Value: ₹10 Per Equity Share
 Price Band: ₹1229 -₹1230 Per Share price
 Listing on: BSE Only
 Retail Portions:35
 Equity: 12,164,400 equity Share
 Employee Discount: ₹122 rupees

CAMS IPO 2020 Market Lot and price for subscription:

 Lot Size:Minimum 12 Shares & Maximum 156 Shares
 Minimum Amount:₹14,760
 Maximum Amount:₹1,91,880

How did it become India’s biggest RTA?

In the last few years Second, we will talk about technical aspects of CAMS IPO, its size and listing and the important dates. We will also cover the news surrounding CAMS,CAMS IPO After which you can make an informed decision, whether to invest in CAMS or not Should you invest here for long term or short term!

How Does CAMS Company Business Model Works?

Let’s start talking about the CAMS business model To understand the business model, I will ask you a question first. If you are an MF investor, you might go to any MF website, choose your MF, and put a purchase order there Say you invest Rs 5000 in this MF. Once this payment is done, your job as an investor come to end.

There are many touchpoints which need to be cover for AMC Say if you are investing Rs 5000 in an MF, it is said if you order in before 3pm you can get NAV for the same day NAV stands for Net Asset Value. Fund managers decide where to invest your money to make a good return but there is a big process behind it manage by CAMS I will try to explain it in a simple manner.

You put a buy order at Rs 5000. Your mutual funds‘ values keep moving cause it invests in different equities which are dynamic  in nature But how much money you will receive for your investment of Rs 5000 is decided by CAMS CAMS acts like a back office for every mutual fund. It helps in payment processing, NAV processing It further helps in unit allocation.

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CAMS Operations

The investor’s job gets over after putting in his money. After the processing and moved to the fund manager After this fund manager can take care of his business on where to invest and the investor also doesn’t have to take any tension here All the unit allocation work is handled by CAMS. Reports are important for you as an investor for regulatory and compliance purposes.

CAMS takes care of it. means CAMS connects the funds and the investors as well as fulfills all the processes in between as an RTA If we talk further about CAMS business then CAMS has innovated itself time to time Cause you know the technologically derived approach to invest these days.

Its getting improve. Before people invested in mutual funds physically via the form. Then a unit used to get allocate to you. after which everything is now technologically driven thus CAMS was helpful in making that change It bought technology to MF investing and now it has more than 200 offices in tier 2 and tier 3 cities which simplifies the customer experience From this, you will understand how well CAMS business operations are streamlined One more positive thing here, you might have heard of the Chennai Floods cause of which all Chennai based companies were impact But you might know, CAMS has the alignment of its major operations from Chennai.

Even after the floods, none of the investors got negatively impact. You can see how well CAMS disaster management and how well it handles its backup processes so that there is no adverse effect on their business of any situation.

After its RTA Business, it’s further going to expand itself to its KYC Business as well It has started with its PMS services as well, Portfolio Management Services If anyone wants to open an account, AMS takes care of its compliance. PMS businesses can concentrate on their core businesses It helps run their businesses from the back end.

It has started its business with banks in the last few years CAMS main business is of RTA. Its main competition is Karvy. Out of India’s top 5 MF companies , 4 companies are the customers of CAMS. Among the top 15 Mutual Funds,9 of them are CAMS customers You can understand how big its concentration is in the mutual funds’ industry One more important no.

CAMS Financial Performance

For investors, as on July 2020, it has processes Rs 19 lakh crores AUM they would have allocate the money or withdrawn, the whole process was handles by them After its business model, let’s talk about its financial  performance I will mainly talk about two things, how was the company’s Revenue and Profit If both are good then the company’s operating profit would be good as well.

Let’s talk about revenue and profit As you can see on my screen, first I am showing you the financial data of 2018 the company’s revenue was Rs 657 Cr and Net profit was at Rs 146 Cr In 2019, Its revenue inc Its revenue increases from Rs 711 CR to Rs 721 Cr. Profit increases from Rs 130 Cr to Rs 173 Cr.

For FY 2021 Q1, Company registered its revenue as Rs 163 Cr and the company’s profit around Rs 40 crore One more important aspect here if you are planning to invest in this company is many people invest thinking of dividend, CAMS record of generating dividend has been pretty good in the past which is 65% on their PAT. PAT means the profit left with the company after tax.

CAMS Dividends

The company divides 65% of the profit among their shareholders. The company has said that its dividend giving policy would be the same in the future as well.

Let’s talk about the technical details of the CAMS IPO. If you want to bid, this information is very important Its lot size is of 12 shares. If you are applying for a lot, you will get 12 shares. Its IPO price is from Rs 1229 to Rs 1230 shares.


For 1 lot, we will have to bid from Rs 14,760 IPO Size is going to be of Rs 2244 Cr which makes it a big IPO. Now investors want to know there are many IPOs wherein companies issue new shares Talking about CAMS IPO, its going to come via Offer For Sale which means promotors are going to sell off their stakes for this IPO thus in the coming days, its promotors holding will reduce after IPO Its bidding will start from Sept 21st, 2020 to Sept 23rd, 2020.

On 1st Oct, it will get list tentatively. This was the whole chronology of the whole IPO and about the details which is very important for you.

Buzzing Facts About this IPO in Market

Let’s talk about a few things around this IPO which are very important for you to know so that you can make an inform decision on whether to apply or not First, this IPO will only get listed on BSE which means it won’t get listed on NSE cause NSE bought a 44% share in the CAMS business SEBI has asked NSE to reduce its stake as well but as of now, NSE has 30% of the stake in CAMS NSE has made it clear to SEBI that it will sell off its shares in OFS and if required, it will further liquidate Now you know that NSE had a stake in the company and SEBI has asked them to reduce.

Now it will sell-off its stake in OFS and if requires, it will further liquidate its complete stake this was clarified by NSE It’s another main promotor, HDFC is also going to sell off its stake via OFS. This was very important for you to know as an investor. This was our article on CAMS IPO I hope you would have liked our article.

Grey Market Premium For CAMS IPO 2020

According to different sources cams ipo grey market price is trading at 40% off the issue price and hence its subscribed 15% and 30% Retail Quota is subscribe till Now.

Grey market premium of upcoming IPO’S Falls as sensex and nifty falls 2.2% each and currently grey market premium of cams and chemcon is trading at 25% and 60% each. there is a decrease of 20% in each these ipo’s premium as american market and world markets see’s sell off. Investors are getting panicked for second round sell off or crash.

CAMS IPO 2020 Allotment date & Listing date:

 Basis of Allotment of shares: 28 09 2020
 Refunds:29 09 2020
 Credit in Demat Account:30 09 2020
 Listing Date in bse: 01 10 2020

How to check your CAMS IPO allotment Status?

The allotment status for both CAMS and CHEMCON IPO will be made available on 28-29th September in IPO managers website. Then later allotted shares will be credited in your demat account by 30th September 2020 that you can check in your brokers website or your portfolio.Hence The status checking link is not activated by the registrar manager yet. We make sure to provide you the link as soon as the registrar makes it live in thier website or bse website. This may happen after the IPO will be closed, i.e. after 23 September 2020 5PM.

Click Here To Check your Alllotment status in Bse Website

Cams Ipo Allotment Status FAQ’s

  1. When you can check CAMS IPO allotment Statud?
    The CAMS IPO allotment status online will be made available on Sep 28. as per information provided in the red-herring prospectus of the issueing manager.
  2. What is the expected listing gains % of the CAMS IPO 2020?
    We can expect upto 20-30% listing gains of CAMS IPO depends on factors such as demand of shares, business nature, current market environment in the world and state of the economy of the country. CAMS IPO grey market premium give us some hints but the actual listing gains is difficult to guess in this situation where nifty is in bear run.

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