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CARNIVAL ROW SEASON 2 Watch and Download Free


This Series is about two mythical creatures that flew from their homeland to coexist with humans when the tension started evolving between citizens and the growing population, thereby breaking the freedom of two mythical creatures. Here Orlando bloom and Cara Delevingne are the main protagonists in this Series. This American fantasy is back with its next season. The shoot for Carnival Row season 2 was over, as per the reports.

Fans of American neo-noir genres must be excited about carnival row season-2. Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham are creators of this neo-noir genre, which gained many positive reviews from fans and gained popularity among the audience.

Carnival row premiered on Amazon prime video on august 30,2019. With all its eight episodes and all of them gaining positive reviews both from critics and viewers. Most of the common reviews were rated 7.9/10 by IMDB, and here are some details about carnival row season 2:

Expected Plot

So this Series continues with mythical creatures that fled from their homeland because of their being broken by emerging tension between citizens and the growing population.

In season 1, Philo was found investigating murders, where he led to connecting individuals who were part of murders. He came across his ethnic descent and thereby creating suspense and giving a pathway to Carnival Row season 2.

During Season 2, the audience will be able to watch the collaboration between the two main casts for the Series that are Philo and the Vignette, towards the fae fight, which they are doing for their liberation purpose. This season would be way more worth watching as it will be more thrilling with a combination of romance amidst the drama.

Carnival Row season 2 Cast Members

There are no official updates from the film officials regarding the cast. So, based upon the last season, we can expect the modified roles of the main cast members this time. So, the expected members in carnival row season 2 are:

  •  Orlando bloom playing the role of Kycroft Philostrate
  •  Cara Delavigne in character of vignette stonemoss
  •  Simon Mcburney in the role of Runyon Milworthy
  •  Tenzin merchant as imogen spurnrose
  •  David Gyasi, who would be in the role of Agreus Astrayon
  •  Andrew Gower as Ezra Spurnrose
  •  Karla crome playing the role of tourmaline Larow
  •  Arty Froushan as jonah Breakspear
  •  Indira Verma as piety Breakspear
  •  Jared harris as Absalom Breakspear

The previous season’s cast was pretty much exciting. Creators may have introduced new faces or changes to the cast, but nothing could be said as there is no hind dropped by creators.

Orlando Bloom and Clara Delevingne were the first cast for their respective roles in August 2017. In another casting done, David Gyassi, Indira Varma, Kalra Crome, and Tamzin Merchant were selected on September 22, 2017, for this Urban fantasy and Neo-noir genre series. The Composer for the Series was Nathan Barr.

About the Filming

The main photography for the Carnival Row series was started in October 2017. The shooting was held for 108 days, and it was entirely shot in the Czech Republic. The shooting of the first season ended on March 14, 2018. It took around five months for the pre-production work before the shooting began for the Series. The production work for the second season was started in Nov 2020. But, it was halted in Ma 2020 due to the pandemic.

They tried to resume the shooting for the rest of the scenes in May, but the Amazon was yet ready for the rest of the shot in June. The rest of the filming for the second season was completed in August 2020 and was shooting in the Czech Republic only like in the first season. Some production work was left with Orlando Bloom was not available for the rest of 2020 due to the birth of his first child with Katy Perry. It was resumed again in May 2021.

The Amazon Company ordered the second season for the Carnival Row series on July 27, 2019.

Some of the major locations which the audience will find during the show are as follows.

Carnival Row, Tetterby Hotel, Ignota, Mesogea, The Burgue, Tirnanoc, The Pact, and the World.

The fans would remember the crazy and astonishing Species seen in the Carnival Row Series. They are Kobold, Centaur, Human, Marrok, Faun, Trow, and lastly, the Darkasher.

Carnival Row season 2 Release Date

Due to its rising popularity, which it gained in the first season, fans eagerly await its second season. Due to the rising worldwide pandemic, they had to stop the shooting from March 2020. Still, they managed to resume shooting from August 2020, due to which there was a delay in the production of season 2. Although the Amazon prime video hasn’t yet been confirmed, fans presume that next season will be launched soon in 2021 with much more drama and excitement, making it worthy of watching.

Carnival row had a primary focus on two love-struck individual settings to the backdrop of a great war. Vignette stone moss was a fae forced from her homeland due to the violent conflict between the Pact and Burge. Rycroft Philostratus was a former burgee soldier who turned to a police detective and was handed with solving horror series of murders sweeping fae refuges in the burgee capital.

If we carefully observe releasing and filming carnival row season 1, we will get clues about the expected release date of carnival row season 2.

Where Carnival Row season 2 Streaming on?

The filming of carnival row season 1 concluded in March 2018, and amazon prime video released the Series on August 30, 2019, exactly after seventeen months of the conclusion of filming. If we follow the same chronology, then carnival row season 2 will be released lately by January 2022 till we get to continue Vignette and Philio’s story.

Travis Beacham and Rene Echevarria created a new chapter of Philo and Vignette’s story, a Victorian-era style called the burgee. Here fae refugees are treated with hateration and suspicion by the human population for which they fled from a war in their homeland.

Vignette stone moss was a faerie that helped refugees in escaping from Tirnanoc until one day. She was landed on the shore of the Burges by a shipwreck. Rycroft being a soldier in the Burguish army, met Vignette and has fallen in love with her during the war.

Amazon did a high investment in carnival row, as it wanted to fill the gap and reach the game of thrones. Since 2013, the streaming platform is working on its library of original content, by Amazon’s first fantasy series in carnival row. Doing a very complex story carnival row as a TV show is a much bigger operation. For creative difference, in October 2019, Travis Beacham, who was co-creator, revealed that he wouldn’t return in carnival row season 2. March Guggenheim, one of the showrunners in season 1, was out in season 2 and was replaced by daredevil veteran Trik Oleson. It is yet a question for the quality of upcoming carnival row season 2.

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon never premiere a new season of a show at the same time every year. But Amazon has the fastest turnaround and carnival row being ambitious and big-budget. Nevertheless, the movie is likely to be premiered around 18 months or two years around summer 2021.

The Two major plots are the big reason!

Philo’s investigation and mystery of Philo’s origin were two major plots of carnival row season 1. Piety Breakspear was behind the killing, and Philo’s father was Absalon Breakspear. When these two were revealed, they turned out to be connected. Philo was torn between the two countries and was forced to hide his true identity. But Jonah Breakspear replaced his father as vice-chancellor. Philo declared himself a Critch and joined the vignette and colleagues fae in the festival line.

It will be much safer to take the carnival festival line season 2; you will focus on the battle of the fair. Meanwhile, astronomers Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus Astrayon found themselves fleeing after a violent altercation with Imogen’s brother Ezra and will have to deal with this collapse and a new war of attrition. It will be interesting to see if the show keeps the mysteries of crime amid this turmoil and introduces a new case for Philo and Vignette to solve at Carnival Row 2.


Carnival Row Series was nominated for the prestigious Satellite Awards 2020 in “Best Genre Series.”

  • These Series was also an inspiration for many events.
  • A comic starred by Rycroft was released in the name of Carnival Row: From the Dark.
  • Another comic starter by Vignette was also released with the name of Carnival Row: Sparrow hawk.
  • The audiobook was called Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark.   
  • The writer was Stephanie.K.Smith, and the narrator for the audiobook was Karla Crome.


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