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Color Guardian Review 2022 – Does This Work Really Well?

Color Guardian Review

Color Guardian Review – Everybody wants to feel safe in their home consistently. One of the ways of accomplishing this goal is to install an astounding, light yard. Nonetheless, the decorative lights available are costly, with some costing up to hundreds of dollars. A security system could cost up to thousands of dollars.

Indeed, even after purchasing the lights, you actually need to factor in similarly costly installation costs. As a result of these expenses, these lights are often past the reach of numerous mortgage holders. Furthermore, even subsequent to installing the lights, they leave your compound with a few electric wires jumbling your space.

Luckily, there’s a new arrangement available for homeowners, which requires minimum installation. It is known as Color Guardian, this yard light has more benefits than normal white lights.

If it’s not too much trouble, read through this Color Guardian Review to learn more about it. Much thanks to you…

Color Guardian Review

What is Color Guardian? (Color Guardian Review)

Color Guardian is an outstanding yard light that further develops your curb appeal and secures your family. The two-in-one gadget serves as a security light with 180-degree motion sensors and an entertainment light that enhances your home. It is not difficult to install, and there will be no wires destroying the appearance of your home or yard.

In particular, Color Guardian is relatively affordable. In just five minutes, you can safely connect the light to your deck, fence, tree, pole, or stair railing. Plus, it utilizes natural light thus, helping you save on electricity bills.

Color Guardian Review

How Does Color Guardian Work? (Color Guardian Reviews)

In the first place, Color Guardian illuminates your home with six lovely color modes to match any mood or space. Furthermore, its dual motion sensors are strategically positioned to detect movement in a 180-degree scan region. This implies that a beam of ultra-bright light will hit anybody intruding into your yard.

Finally, Color Guardian accompanies an advantageous controller that can switch between two modes. This implies that you don’t have to climb a ladder and risk injury to change color of capacities. You can undoubtedly do this from the comfort of your parlor window or porch seat.

No Electricity Required for Installation

The official website expresses that the Color Guardian Lamps are 100% wireless. It works for any individual who needs to save money on electricity bills. It accompanies ultra-efficient solar panels that absorb the natural sunlight and store the energy for future use. When the sun goes down, the light turns on automatically.

You can involve Color Guardian in different applications, including the following:

  • Fence
  • Porch
  • Patios
  • Doorways
  • Rooftop
  • Stairs
Color Guardian Reviews

Main Features of Color Guardian (Color Guardian Review)

Solar-Powered LED Lights: Color Guardian is completely solar-powered, implying that its built-in solar panels are probably going to absorb and preserve natural sunlight. Consequently, the requirement for unessential wiring and expenses related with hiring electrical technicians can be canceled. Similarly, its solar powered nature prevents the need to connect Color Guardian to an electric source thus, saving you on electricity bills.

6 unique Colors with Color-Shuffle Modes: Color Guardian is a smart light that can emit 6 beautiful colors. Moreover, its color rotation and shuffle ability enables the device to toggle between six colors.

Weather-Resistant: The weather-resistant nature of Color Guardian guarantees that lighting persists regardless of any harsh conditions. It is vital to take note that the brightness level may be adversely affected by winter, particularly in the event that one’s area doesn’t have adequate sunlight during the daytime. Another point is that these units are not completely waterproof; hence, they ought not be lowered into a pool. All things considered, Color Guardian can be set along the pathway of a pool.

What Differentiates Color Guardian From Other White Lights?

Color Guardian helps enhance security in your home, while common white lights does nothing besides lighting. Color Guardian entertains your guests with six lovely color modes, while the ordinary white light looks boring as it is only one color mode. Also, Color Guardian has no dangling wires and features motion-activated sensors, while common white light presents ugly wires with clumsy light switch. You don’t need somebody to tell you that Color Guardian lights are unique.

Color Guardian is ranked as the ideal yard light with these features since it serves as a motion-activated security light and an entertainment light that further improves your deck and other areas of your choice. In particular, it accompanies an advantageous wireless controller that you use to switch between the two modes.

Color Guardian Review

Pros of Color Guardian (Color Guardian Review)

  • Color Guardian transforms the entire appearance of your home.
  • Solar-powered.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Six unique colors.
  • Weather-resistant housing.
  • 180 degrees motion detection.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs.
  • Remote controlled
  • It is made out of durable materials for long-term usage.
  • Color Guardian is completely user-friendly.
  • Budget-friendly.
Color Guardian Review

Cons of Color Guardian (Color Guardian Review)

  • Color Guardian can only be purchased online, though it’s not a problem because most people already buy different products online.
  • Limited stock.
  • It doesn’t function admirably in colder districts with little sunlight.

Color Guardian works for any home and lifestyle. It’s great for an immense backyard or a little one, regardless of whether you have children or live alone. As indicated by the producer, this gadget changes your home into a ”landmark of the neighborhood” and provides safety and security.

Color Guardian is becoming famous consistently, as many individuals send orders consistently. In light of the flooding orders, the product is set to run unavailable soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Color Guardian

Does Color Guardian require batteries or wiring?

Not at all. At this point, it ought to be certain that Color Guardian relies upon solar panels and neither requires batteries nor complex wirings.

How many Color Guardian units does a home ordinarily require?

Four Color Guardian units are enough to cover a little garden or a porch. People can utilize the latter as a perspective to know the number of units, which may do the trick for their particular homes.

Color Guardian Review

Conclusion on the Color Guardian Review

Color Guardian is possibly the best innovative yard light that gives security and reclassifies outdoor spaces. It was made considering the homeowners. It’s not difficult to operate, and it works in difficult to-reach at regions, for example, fence posts or above the doorway. Thanks to the portable wireless controller, you will not need to climb ladders to turn on or off the lights. If you want to upgrade your yard, improve security and lighten up the stairs, fence, rooftop and so on, then you should try Color Guardian.

Color Guardian


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