Home Product Review's Colorize Review 2022 – Is This legit or Scam?

Colorize Review 2022 – Is This legit or Scam?

Colorize Review

Colorize Review – If you are looking for a way to illuminate the pathway leading to your home or searching for an alternative that isn’t really complex or expensive to execute? Look no further, as our article team encountered the Brightology group, in particular, as a result of their LED pathway lights.

Right away, their conceived units appeared so little and are probably going to inspire question, yet for this situation, looks were deceiving. For what reason may you inquire? All things considered, suppose they have such a huge amount to propose for those searching for lighting choices under a budget.

Colorize lighting system is the product we are introducing you to, it allows you to transform a house into a home and more. This lighting framework doesn’t simply illuminate your home, yet it will improve it into something significantly more excellent. You can utilize these lights anyplace outside, it will give your garden or pathway a splendid look.

What is Colorize? (Colorize Review)

Colorize is a low cost decorative pathway solar light unit, developed to lighten up one’s pool, garden, landscape, deck, and any outside environmental structure.

Regardless of whether people are keen on redressing issues about poorly lit outdoor regions or need to add a personal touch that helps their homes stick out, Colorize is supposed to be the best approach.

These units go past giving light. On a genuine note, they might possibly forestall mishaps, stumbling, and falling because of intense darkness. Are you curious to see whether Colorize may improve the presence of your home? The best way to find out is by assessing its supposed features.

Colorize Review

Specifications of Colorize (Colorize Reviews)

  • Size: 4.5 x 5.3 inches
  • Material: plastic
  • Brightness: 15 lumens
  • Waterproof level: IP44
  • Sensor mode: light sensor
  • Switch: On/Off/Mode buttons
  • Rated Power: 0.2W
  • Voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Battery: 3.7V 14,500 500Ma lithium-ion rechargeable    

Key Features of Colorize Lighting System

Solar-Powered LED Lights: Colorize is 100% solar-powered, implying that its built-in solar panels are probably going to absorb and preserve natural daylight. Consequently, the requirement for unessential wiring and expenses related with hiring electrical technicians can be canceled. Similarly, its solar powered nature forestalls the need to hook Colorize to a power grid, inferring new power employments.

Automatic Operations: Now and then, carelessness might emerge where Colorize may be left unattended or unswitched. This unit automatically turns on after detecting darkness dependent on the claims made. Thus, individuals are not required to run in and out of their homes. Assuming Colorize has been placed near a carport, the lights will automatically turn off after detecting headlights. Considering everything, people should be strategic when buying and setting these units.

7 Vibrant Colors with Color-Shuffle Modes: Colorize is a smart light that can emit white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, or turquoise lights. Moreover, its color rotation and shuffle capacities enables the device to shuffle between seven colors. Shockingly, it additionally has a memory function, where the selected settings are repeated even after it has been switched off and on again.

Weather-Resistant: The weather-resistant nature of Colorize guarantees that lighting persists regardless of any harsh conditions. It is vital to take note that the brightness level may be adversely affected by winter and bone chilling temperatures, particularly in the event that one’s area doesn’t have adequate sunlight during the daytime. Another point is that these units are not completely waterproof; hence, they ought not be lowered into a pool. All things considered, Colorize can be set along the pathway of a pool.

Straightforward Installation: The installation is just about as direct as staking Colorize into the ground, turning the device on, and watching it light up once it gets dull/dark. There sincerely isn’t a lot to it, which is ideal given that not every person can perform the role of a technician.

Colorize Review

Benefits Of Using Colorize (Colorize Reviews)

  • You Can Improve The Way Your Home Looks – With Colorize lights, you can make your home look exceptional. You can make your garden or deck look really inviting and lovely with these Colorize lighting units.
  • It’s The Best and The Most Economical Choice – You may definitely realize the point we’re alluding toward here, Colorize utilizes solar panels for energy and it doesn’t utilize batteries or require electrical plugs. This way you conserve energy and still get the best lighting system in the entire neighborhood.
  • Save Yourself Some Cash – Colorize is affordable for everybody. Additionally, there are various choices from which you can pick the most appropriate deal for you. Also considering the way that it utilizes solar panels for energy, we realize that it will likewise assist you with setting aside a ton of cash over the long haul.
  • Select Your Preferred Color – You won’t be left with only one color of light, you’ll have the choice to pick among any of the given 4 options. You can even choose various colors for various lights and create a color palette of lights in your own personal garden.
  • Simple Set-Up – You can set this lightening framework without help from anyone else. It doesn’t require you to have any basic knowledge on electrical engineering or anything thusly. The best part is, you can set these up anyplace you want. From the lawn to the front garden, Colorize can get the job done anyplace, anytime.
  • Automatic On/Off – You don’t need to turn these lights on each night. Colorize has night sensors, this implies that, when nightfall hits, the lights will turn on automatically and when the day breaks they will turn themselves off also.
  • Water-Resistant – Stressed over the lighting system getting damaged because of sprinklers? All things considered, don’t be. These lights are water resistant and will work completely fine when sprayed with water.
Colorize Reviews

Pros of the Colorize Review (Colorize Review)

  • Colorize improves the entire appearance of your home.
  • Solar-powered.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • It is made out of durable materials for long-term usage.
  • Colorize is completely user-friendly.
  • It has a water-resistant rating of IP44.
  • Budget-friendly.
Colorize Review. 2

Cons of the Colorize Review (Colorize Review)

  • Limited stock.
  • It can only be bought online, though it’s not a problem because most people already buy different products online.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Colorize

Does Colorize require batteries or wiring?

Not at all. At this point, it ought to be certain that Colorize relies upon solar panels and neither requires batteries nor complex wirings.

What does a waterproof rating level of IP44 mean?

An IP rating of 44 means that Colorize can be protected against strong items (i.e., tools and small wirings) and water sprinkling from any angle. However, lowering these units into a pail of water should be avoided.

Is there a distance requirement when setting up Colorize?

There are no particular distance requirements. However long there’s sufficient sunlight during the day, Colorize ought to have the option to illuminate any desired space. Additionally, people can either decide to put these lights with or without stakes. The latter case boils down to inclinations, i.e., setting the lights in the ground or at a marginally raised distance.

What number of Colorize units does a home ordinarily require?

Four Colorize units are sufficient to cover a little garden or a porch. People can utilize the latter as a perspective to perceive the number of units, which may do the trick for their particular homes.

How does Colorize lighten around night time?

It contains sensors that actuate in the darkness and deactivate within the sight of light. Remember that the glow isn’t powerful (or blinding), yet it is inconspicuous and effective, regardless.

How long will Colorize last?

The total lighting time is 10 hours around night time, however this is possibly evident assuming the unit has been charged for no less than 8 hours during the day (i.e., sunlight).

What guarantees that Colorize will shift between various colors?

The button at the rear of Colorize should be pushed to start ”shifts” between the seven colors. Guidelines on the best way to initiate this setting have been summarized in the included manual.

How long will it take for Colorize to arrive?

As of now, the estimated arrival time is anywhere between 8 to 15 work days. This excludes another seven work days for simply satisfying shipments. To affirm the duration, customer service’s opinion ought to be looked for!

Is Colorize protected by a money-back guarantee?

Indeed, Colorize has been secured by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Arrangements for a return should be made with the customer assistance group within 30-days of the date the request was placed. Returned units that are not damaged will be subjected to a restocking fee of up to 15%. Besides, any fees incurred in the process (i.e., shipping) won’t be refunded. For a total breakdown of the whole process, contact the team in one of the accompanying ways:

Email: support@brightology.com. or then again questions@trycolorize.com.

Telephone: (949) 502 0150

Colorize Review

Conclusion on the Colorize Review

Eventually, illuminating explicit outside spaces and pathways can quickly triumph, because of units like Colorize. Put aside wiring, intensive labor, and electricity drainage, as Colorize depends entirely on its in-built sensors and solar panels for optimal function.

However helpful as the last two features may be, they may likewise fill in as cons. Why? The joining of solar panels quickly suggests dependence on sunlight. For individuals situated in areas with a scarcity in that department, Colorize is probably not going to perform as expected.

Essentially, the sensors either turn on or off Colorize. Subsequently, the specific position should be evaluated. Alluding to the carport example, headlights will deactivate Colorize until they are turned off. Thus, people need to guarantee that these units are placed a long way from other outer light sources.

If not, they won’t turn on. Ultimately, we urge everybody to contact customer support in regards to shipping, as it could require as long as 30 days on the rear occasion of delays. Beside the aforementioned, Colorize might convey value, however clearly, a great deal should be factored in.


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