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Content Creation for Beginning Specialists: Ideas for Blog Writing

It’s no secret that working with content is one of the most current trends in work on attracting traffic to the site. By focusing on blogging on their corporate website, companies can use it as a powerful marketing tool aimed at gaining new customers.

A quality blog not only draws attention to your business but also helps you in positioning. That is, you can prove to potential customers how you differ from other competitors and why they should make a choice in your favor.

However, after you have decided and still launched a blog on the company’s website, you will inevitably have a question: what, in fact, to write about? And I must say: without experience as an author or editor to answer; it won’t be easy.

We have decided to help you in this matter and have compiled a list of 30 ideas for blog posts that will help you increase traffic, attract readers and build good relationships with potential customers.

Customer Success

A topical issue in niches related to B2B business. Just take one of your most satisfied customers, who got a good result thanks largely to your help, interview him and get permission to publish it. Alternatively, you can survey multiple customers and combine information into a single article.

Demonstrate your credibility and expertise by discussing trends in the industry in which you work. Do you think these are obvious things? And in vain, what may seem perfectly clear to you will be a real revelation to others.

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Book Review

If you have recently read a book that may be of interest to your target audience, you can write a post on this topic, telling what you found interesting. People are always interested in book recommendations, especially if they coincide with their interests.

Discuss Your Previous Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just that not everyone admits this and knows how to draw the right conclusions. If you have made mistakes in the process of business development, launching a new product or service from which you would like to warn others, write about it. And, draw readers’ attention to how you coped with the problems and what lessons you learned from them.

Create a Series of Articles About a Topic

You can take one fairly large topic and delve into it by creating a series of publications. And, for example, publish one article a week for a whole month. A good way to encourage casual readers to come back again and again.

If you have been working on a blog for a long time, make an article with a list of the most popular articles in it. Then, add to it the most visited, discussed and popular materials on social networks.

Survey Industry Leaders

An old, good article format in the form of a collection of opinions, tips and recommendations on a particular topic from reputable people in your field. For example, “12 ideas for holiday promotions from the owners of well-known online stores.” And then do not forget to ask each of them to mention this publication on their social media pages.

Interview With an Expert

The approach is the opposite: instead of many people, we talk to only one person, but we talk much more. This approach has worked well in cases where you need to be well versed in a particular topic by interviewing a specialist. For example, you could easily interview a writing specialist, asking them what they do exactly after customers come to them saying: “Write my paper!”

Processes Behind the Scenes

Tell us about what is happening, so to speak, behind the scenes. For example, you can share the features of the organization of work processes in your company, unique techniques that allow you to solve certain tasks. Tell us about the everyday life of your team, which would confirm your experience in the business you do.

Read the Comments

If the articles in your blog provoke active discussion from readers, read the comments, analyze the questions they ask, and look for interesting thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the comments can suggest great topics for articles that you would not have guessed.

Ask Google

Everyone’s favorite search engine has such a useful feature as search tips – these are search phrases that are displayed when you enter the main query. Sometimes this can be a good way to find ideas for articles that other people are looking for, so there is a good chance to increase traffic to your site.

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Take a Look at the Competitors

Studying your closest competitors can be a real source of inspiration and suggest many ideas for articles. Pay attention to the most popular and most discussed articles or use special tools for SEO analysis, such as Serpstat.com. However, nothing is stopping you from ordering such a study from an internet marketing agency.

Obviously, we’re not telling you to go to any online service with a blog, for example, PayForEssay.net. We’re saying that taking them into account when working on forming their own strategy can be very useful. Possibly, you could add to the discussion brought up by other brands. 

Make a News Digest

Just publishing news is unlikely to give you anything. As the practice of companies that have been actively engaged in this shows, the return is minimal – some readers are not interested, while others prefer to learn such information from the media.

But summarizing the most significant news for a certain period, such as the last week, is much more interesting. In this way, you save the time of the audience, which gets the opportunity to learn everything in one place and at the same time demonstrate their competence.

Thinking Up a Topic Is Half of the Work

The other is, of course, writing all the content. Luckily, this can be delegated to professionals at various writing services, leaving you the job of coming up with engaging topics and developing the content plan.


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