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Debunking 5 Myths About Freelance Vietnamese Translators that’s Hurting Your Business

Every business that wishes to go global needs to adapt is content in multiple languages. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience in Vietnam, then you need to communicate with them in their native language.

According to a survey, 72.4% of participants said that they are more likely to buy a product with information in their native language. Speaking to them in their native language creates a feeling of familiarity and trust. Even in b2b communication, your clients are more likely to warm up to you when you communicate with them through Vietnamese Translators in their native language.

Translation has many practical benefits; apart from effectively communicating with your clients and customers, it can also eliminate the potential misunderstandings due to language limitations and cultural differences.

Many myths surround the freelance Vietnamese translators, and believing them is harming your business.

Here we Debunk these myths for you!

5 Myths about Freelance Vietnamese Translators.

  1. Any Vietnamese speaking person can translate!

It’s like believing any English speaking person can write. They probably can, but you don’t want words; you want stories that will engage and convert.

Translators are masters of language and have fantastic writing skills. If you want to communicate your message effectively to your target audience, then you need a professional translator.

First, the Vietnamese script is very different from the English script. Meaning in English, we write from right to left; in Vietnamese, we write from left to right.

Just because a person knows Vietnamese doesn’t mean he can translate the text from English to Vietnamese in an efficient way.

2. Translators are not needed anymore; we have software and tools for that now!

Believe this, and hurt your business. You will not only lose your potential customer’s attention by mechanical sounding translations if things go further downhill; you will even put your reputation at stake, and in the worst-case scenario, end up in a legal problem.

The Vietnamese language has different grammar rules and sentence formation rules. Its culture is strikingly different from western countries; all this has to be kept in mind before translating a text.

Tools may help you with understanding the meaning of the word or finding a word in that particular language, but it can’t help you translate complex sentences. You need a human translator for that!

3. Any Vietnamese translator can translate on any subject.

Few translators are all-rounders, and few are experts in their niche. A translator is great at translating stories and fictional content and can help you little with translating your law or medical content. A translator experienced in marketing copies has a deep understanding of culture and local values and ideas, whereas a medical translator needs to have a working understanding of the subject matter and technical terms.

4.  Freelance translators are not reliable, difficult to manage.

The above statement can’t be farther from the truth. Freelancers are professionals and passionate people who have chosen a career that they like. It is also easy to find freelance translators from freelancing websites. You can see what clients have to say for them, look at their work samples, etc.

5. Translators, interpreters are one and the same thing.

A person can be both, but no Vietnamese translators and interpreters are not the same things. Translation involves converting written text from the source language to the target language. Interpretation involves converting spoken words in real-time from source language to target language. Both jobs involve different skill sets.

Final Words.

Let go of the myths that are hurting your business. Hire a translator for successful globalization and localization of your brand.


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