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Easy Steps To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills


Writing high-quality essays is a precondition to finish any course successfully. Before doing a paper you should answer the question: “What do academic writing mean?” After that, “what are its particularities?” As it sounds, there are particular necessities of writing academic essays that make it daunting to deliver a high quality academic paper.

Those who have written academic essays in the past can narrate the difference between academic papers and non-academic. Typically, it is a must for every learner to fact particular necessities and peculiarities of all the kinds of academic essays available in order to attain good grades.

Using essay writing service like Essaymojo.com is a big step in case you do not have that time or experience in writing academic essays. However, there is a number of steps which when paid attention to can assist you to improve your academic writing skills.

1. Create a proper outline

Creating an essay outline is very important since the outline serves as a skeleton to the essay. It saves time during the actual time because you will already have the essay picture with. In addition, it will help you to stick to the initial plan thus limiting confusion that might arise along the line. You are at liberty to develop any outline. Nevertheless, stick to these essay factors:

  • Introduction: Where you will state the thesis statement, and in addition give background information
  • The main body where your forward your arguments accompanied by evidence
  • The conclusion

2. Strengthen your thesis statement

Have strong thesis statement that excites the reader’s interest and makes him or her attentive. The statements should be able to communicate to the reader what the essay is all about and make the reader be able to read it all the way to the conclusion. Indeed, it reflects the objective of the essay in just a sentence. Hence, when while planning your essay or arranging your thoughts, ensure to consider how your thesis statement will actually be like. Besides, note that the thesis statement should actually answer the main question within the essay that your tutor aske

3. Read articles on your topic

It is evident that it is very challenging to write a good paper when you have not carried out informational research. In addition, you are supposed to read several papers related to the topic at hand. This will equip you with enough knowledge about the topic, have a clear personal decision and in the end, you will be in a position to write a unique original paper that will interest your readers.

4. Avoid passive voice

Using passive voice is a blunder especially in writing academic pieces. As a result, try as much as possible learn how to use active voice. By so doing, you will a flow of arguments and hence avoiding run on mistakes.

5. Practice paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is one way of ensuring that you come with content that is 100% original. Since, plagiarism undermines academic integrity. When you get used to writing essays from scratch, with time you will be a pro in delivering qualitative academic papers that meet world class standards

6. Use online proofreading tools and Plagiarism

Manual checking is not always enough, try as much as possible to engage Education tools. For Plagiarism you can check using copyscape, this tools will counter check your essay grammar and spelling to ensure they are up to English command standard and original. Moreover, they give suggestions in the use word that will improve your paper vocabulary.

7. Eliminate long meaningless phrases

Long meaningless phrases make an essay sound vague and are likely to deviate the reader’s attention since they have nothing related to the topic or context. It is recommended to use smart and pertinent sentences that will ensure the reader is interested in reading the essay to the end.

8. Put yourself in the place of your reader

Always put yourself as a writer in reader’s shoes. Ensure argument and evidence is clearly connected from one paragraph to another. Go through the paper to check grammar and spelling mistakes and above all, avoid going in deep discussions.

In a nutshell

If you pay attention to the above tips, you will eventually become a pro writer within time. Generally, understand where you are week and convert it into strength through practice.


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