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Essential Steps to Follow When You Start Blogging For Your Business


During the COVID 19 pandemic, several business owners have realized that just an offline presence is not enough to get them through when things turn out to be utterly bad in the modern world. When everything is going online at a speed of light, one can’t remain in his comfort pit and not go for countless opportunities residing in the online world. 

While it may take efforts from graphic designing services in Jaipur to give your business blog the look it deserves, as a business owner, you must be able to understand the customer’s mind before you start your blog. Here are the tips that suggest how to strengthen your presence in the online world step by step. 

  1. Comprehend Your Audience and Their Needs

Just don’t start writing and get on with it. You need to thoroughly comprehend your audience, their choices, and their needs before you start a blog post. Do you need to ask yourself some questions like what my audience would like to understand? And what would be the best topic right now that will resonate with them? One easy way to do this is to create personas for your customers, or buyers. People with different personas have different choices while people with the same personas will want something similar. 

  1. Choose a Domain for Your Blog

When you have decided what to write after understanding your customers and making their personas, you will need a space where you will write all that. The first thing in that matter is purchasing the domain and hosting. And when it comes to choosing a theme for your domain, remember you need to choose the one that offers amazing content management system capabilities. A CMS helps you manage the content on your website. Some good options for that are GoDaddy, HostGator, and Bluehost. 

  1. Add Customization to Your Blog

The appearance of your blog, the use of images and colors, and even the orientation of everything are very important when you have done setting up your domain. For an instant, if you are talking about women’s fashion a pink theme would suffice but if your business is about royal artificial themed jewelry, then a brown or dark yellow theme would do the charm. A logo is a must with your business’ name and slogan written under it. Your logo should support your business vision as well as the customers too. 

  1. Choose a Topic to Write On

Don’t jump on writing until you plan for it. Choosing a random topic is out of the question. The topic you choose should be general in the first few days so it relates to all your customers at the same time. But when you move from a small-scale business to a large-scale business, your topics should be getting precise. You can make your post a listing, curated collection, Slideshare presentation, infographic, a how-to-guide, or a general blog post. 

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading is very important. You don’t want to appear amateur in front of your audience right? A certain level of maturity should be shown to them not only in the grammar and selection of words but also in the depth of information they are getting. If there is more information on your topic on a certain blog post is already available, then why would anybody go for your blog posts?


We have seen how essential it is today to have a blog post and without a website, a business can’t get enough attention from users in the online landscape. WordPress is good when it comes to creating a simple website but if you want a fully professional and customized website or mobile application, you must go for a renowned mobile application development company in Jaipur.


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