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Expiring Media: All You Need to Know About The WhatsApp Feature

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Whatsapp is one of the best social media instant messaging applications that has 2 billion active users. People are so attached to this application as they can’t imagine connecting with their friends and family without it. Some people use it for personal reasons, while others use this app for business purposes. No matter what’s your purpose for using this application, you must know all about Whatsapp features with FollowersCart.UK.

  1. Text Formatting

Sometimes, you want to add a bit of style to your text. For example, you want to use bold text for emphasizing a particular point or making a headline. The exciting thing is that you have a formatting feature in WhatsApp. You can use bold, italic, and strikethrough for a text.

  • You can bold a text using an asterisk like that “*name*” and it will appear as a name. 
  • For italicizing a text, you can use “_Name_” and appear as a name.
  • You can create strikethrough text by using tildes as (~ name ~), and it will appear as “name.”
  1. Disappearing a Message

Do you want to disappear a message after sending it? The New Whatsapp feature has made it possible. For this purpose,

  • Open chat’s name or contact.
  • From the left-side menu, choose the option “Disappearing messages.” 
  • Could you turn it on?

Important Point: Whatever message you send to someone will be saved on your account and also his, so even when a message disappears from the chat window, it perhaps remains in the storage.

Star Feature

Sometimes, you like a message, and you want to make it easy to find for later use. If that’s the case, then you should use Star Feature. This feature will mark a text important, and next time you need it, you can access it easily.

How to use the star feature? Select a message that you want to make easily accessible. 

On the top of your chat window, tap on the star icon.

How to access the starred message?

On your iPhone, you need to go to the Settings tab and then select Starred messages.

On your Android phone, click on the menu icon and then choose Starred messages.

  1. Get Message Info

As soon as you send an important message, you want to know whether another person has read or got it. If that’s the matter, you can get message details through a WhatsApp feature. 

On your iPhone, you can swipe left to a message to check its read or send details.

On your Android device, long-press a message, select an option, and choose info.

  1. Mute Option

When you don’t want a distraction, then you can mute the conversation. Whether you are in a meeting or watching your favorite option, this mute WhatsApp feature is a great option. You can mute contact for 8 hours, one-year, or until you want to turn it on. 

You can also use this mute option on status updates. You might have some annoying contacts whose status updates are boring, and you have no interest whatsoever. They add so that you can mute them. 

  • For muting a contact, go to contact.
  • Next to his name, you will find a menu icon. Click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose mute.
  • A pop-up window will ask you about the timeline. Choose 8 hours, one-year, or until you turn it back on.
  • And that’s how you mute a contact on WhatsApp.
  • Hide Your Last Seen Status

Stay Away from Stalkers

The best way to do that is to hide your last seen status. People ask so many questions about your online status. You can set a privacy level for yourself through this WhatsApp feature. 

Here is how to do that.

  • Go to Settings option
  • Click on Accounts
  • Choose Privacy followed by last seen.

You can choose who can see your last seen. I would suggest you pick “Nobody” because it’s how you can have ultimate peace of mind. No one will put his nose in your communication affair. The other two options are “Everybody” -don’t go for it as it will make people stalk you. 

If your contacts don’t bother you regarding your online status, then choose this option.

Important- If you choose “Nobody,” no one can see your last seen status, and the same rule is applied to you. That means you won’t be able to check the last seen status of other people.

  1. Finding Your Frequent Chat Contact 

If you want to know how you talk regularly most of the time, a WhatsApp feature is there to offer such information.

Go to settings

Choose Accounts

Click on Storage Usage

Here you will get details of contact with whom you talk frequently. You would know how much data you have used to send them text, videos, and images through the storage option. Locating your best pal through this method is super simple.

  1. Stop Automatic Download 

In case a person relies on on-network data for using WhatsApp, it’s essential to stop the automatic download feature. As soon as a person sends you a video file or image, it will start downloading. So, your usage data will be replenished in no time. You can disable automatic downloading by changing settings. It’s good to choose a download file when Wi-Fi is on, so you don’t lose all the data you bought. It would be best to head over to the setting from where you can choose a downloading option.

  1. Disable Read Receipt

Two blue-ticks have created a battleground in a relationship for many WhatsApp users. Sometimes, you read a message, but you can’t respond quickly. This action costs you a relationship or a fight, or a misunderstanding.

 If you want to avoid all this relationship drama, then you should disable read receipt. When you disabled it, you can freely read a message and reply at your convenient time. You won’t have to face response pressure at all. Do you want this extra layer of privacy in your life? 

Here is how to use this WhatsApp feature.

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Choose Account 
  3. Click on Privacy
  4. You will see a box checked in front of “Read Receipt” you can uncheck it.

Note: No one will know that you have read a message, and you won’t know that when someone reads your sent message. Pretty fair.


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