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What fortunes software testing tools bring to the QA table?

fortunes software testing tools

Individuals from the IT sector are always wondering about how to make their business processes effective and efficient while never compromising on their product quality goals and providing the best customer experience.  And most of these individuals come up with a single solution of putting up sufficient efforts in the quality assurance process when it comes to developing software products and applications.

But there are some other individuals as well who have misconceptions that implementing the software testing process into the software product development life-cycle is just a wastage of the budget.

However, these are the ones who repent later on their worst decisions and have to face plenty of challenges related to the unsatisfied customers with the product quality and not being able to achieve their desired productivity goals. 

The organizations and businesses who invest in the software testing process are usually the ones who never have to shed tears upon the loss of valued users and organizational reputation. And the ones who invest their budgets in making the software testing process via implementing the use of software testing tools then they are known as the market leaders and the champions of the software domain. Moreover, if you do not have enough resources in-house to conduct software testing, you can refer to any of the expert third party software testing companies for their expert services. 

There are quite a large number of fortunes that software testing tools bring to the organizations and quality assurance teams. Let’s discuss what they are;

Kick the duplication of tasks – Tasks that are often repeating or duplicating makes the lives of software testers dull and burdensome. With the use of appropriate testing tools, quality assurance team members can say goodbye to the duplication of tasks and can make their lives free of troubles. Examples of this type of repetitive work include running regression tests, entering the same test data again and again (can be done by a test execution tool), checking against coding standards. 

More reliable and trustworthy method – When we engage humans in completing a particular task even if they have done the similar one a week or a day ago, they might end up doing that task with some changes. Just like in a content writing job.

No matter if the topic is changed or not, if you ask a similar writer to write 2 articles on the same topic, the article will have a different structure and different spin of words. But a tool or machine will never disappoint you. A tool will exactly reproduce what it did before, so each time it is run the result is consistent.

Easy test information gathering – Visual Information when presented is easy and simple for human brains to understand and analyze. For example, instead of providing information to the quality assurance team members with a lengthy list of digits, numerics, or alphabets, the best way to make your team understand what the information is about, information or data presented via drafting a chart or graph proves to be very helpful.

Special tools provide these functions directly to the information they process. Examples include statistics and graphs about test progress (test execution or test management tools), incident rate (event management or test management tools), and performance (performance test tools).

Early bug detection – A single bug or defect is enough to destroy a happily ever after a moment of a product and an organization yet if treated timely, a heap of problems can get solved. Implementing the use of defect tracking tools in the software testing process, helps organizations to detect bugs as early as possible before they get exploited by the hackers and a valuable bunch of data and information gets lost.

Just a one-time investment of placing an appropriate use of the testing tool can save your organizational reputation and make you able to achieve your desired goals. 

Easy & Robust Reporting – Automation testing tools have this amazing benefit of tracking every test script. Each test script executed can be seen in visual logs. These reports can clearly show the no. of test scripts already executed, scheduled, their reported bugs, and how they had been fixed.

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