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5 Most Useful Free Android Apps

Free Android Apps

We use Android devices for various purposes. Android is currently the most popular operating system in the world. In this post we will discuss about free android apps.

We need to use many types of apps to work on Android devices. Moreover, many apps are set by default that we have to use, although we want to use the Android device. In addition to the apps provided by default, we download many apps for our work or need later. When Android came, it was very difficult to do a lot of work with an Android phone, but now there are tools to do all the work on Android. Which users can now download for free if they want. 

There are many similar apps for the same task, from which it is difficult for the users to decide which app is best. Today we will discuss some useful apps. 

The Most Useful Free Android Apps

# Vidmate Apk – Youtube Video Downloader

# Kinemaster Diamond – Video Editng App

# QuickshortcutMaker Apk – Shortcutmaker for Android

# ES File Explorer Apk – File Manager App

# Screen Recorder App – Tools 

1: Vidmate Apk 

Vidmate Apk is a famous and popular video downloader app for android, which is best for users. By this apk user can download videos from youtube easily. Youtube is a video sharing social site, users can see videos in youtube web or on youtube app. But users can’t download videos from youtube on their android device. But vidmate allows downloading from youtube, also vidmate can download videos from many video sharing sites. 

As a video downloader app, vidmate is the best. Also users can use vidmate as a video player or music player. Users can watch & run video on this app. Users also can add subtitles on video by using this app. 

2: Kinemaster Diamond

Kinemaster Diamond is a free video editor app for android. At the time we are involved in vlogging, content creating and trying to make informative videos. So, we have to make a video. For better user experience we have to edit videos to make them more attractive. 

So, to edit video we need a video editor app. As a beginner we don’t have enough budget to get a premium app for editing video so we have to use free apps. Kinemaster diamond is a free app with many features. User can edit video with this app totally free. Kinemaster has many premium features to edit video professionally.
Video editor is very important tools for a new vlogger ; content creator. 

3: QuickshortcutMaker Apk

QuickshortcutMaker Apk is a shortcut maker app for android. QuickshortcutMaker apk latest version can create shortcuts for hidden apps on android. This app makes a shortcut to the app from activities list which apps are installed on android devices. Users can use this app for searching for open which is already installed on our android device. Even, if many apps are installed this app can manage it smoothly. If, in our android have many installed apps sometimes difficult to find out the exact app which we want to open then we can use this apk. That’s why I listed this app on 5 best android apps. 

4: ES File Explorer Apk

In our android device, we must use a file manager app to manage our file. Such as image, video, zip, rar, pdf file. ES File Explorer Apk is one of them. This app can manage all types of file. We can move our file from one folder to another folder. We can edit images using this app. Users can extract the zip file by this apk. Also users can make zip file in an ex file explorer.
We can manage our notes in this apk. This apk has a default note editor option to edit text or make note. 

5: Screen Recorder App

Best Screen Recorder App can record our screen on an android device. We use the Screen Recorder App to record our screen.
Many Free screen recorder apps are available to record screens. Sometimes users need to record their devices’ screens. 

Free Android Apps

Bottom Line

There are many useful free android apps available. It’s difficult to list all of those apps which are needed for us. I tried to list some apps which i use most. Sometimes we use some apps to do our works. Not of all apps are we use for all time. But some apps we use always.
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