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Grammar Mistakes You Need To Stop While Writing An Essay

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An essay is professional only when it has no grammar errors. Grammar mistakes indicate carelessness or that you didn’t care enough to check it before submission. Is that the impression you wish to make on your professor or readers? If no, then learn how to write grammatically correct sentences in your essay. You can always get help with college papersby asking your friends or seniors to read your content once it’s complete.

Other ways to get a professional grammar correct essay is by outsourcing it to the professionals. Just look up for “who can write my essay?” and choose an essay writing service provider with good reviews and ratings. They can do justice to your work and make it academically sound. But sometimes you may have budget constraints which means you need to learn how to manage these grammar challenges on your own.

Here are a few tips on Grammar that you must follow while writing your essay:

  • Go back to basics. Learn how to use nouns, pronouns, and verbs. The English language comes with a set of rules. Hence you can take any high school book and start reading it. 
  • Grammar comes with practice. It means you will have to practice writing. It would be better if someone can read your work and correct it. You cannot get your grammar correct in a day. It will happen over a period of time. Seek help with college papers by asking your close friends. They can be a part of your academic journey.
  • Never hesitate in using an online tool. Premium tools like Grammarly and Turnitin are very useful and help in highlighting grammar errors. These tools indicate from small punctuation and verb mistakes to spelling errors etc. Some of the tools also provide assistance with plagiarism checking. This means you can not only correct your essay content for grammar but also remove any copied sentences or phrases.

Common Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

Subject-predicament agreement

If you are introducing a compound subject with words such as “some” or “both” then use plural predicament.

Verb mistake

Read the rules that imply auxiliary verb, infinitive verb, modal verb, and static verb.

Usage of pronouns

A pronoun must agree with the noun it’s related to. An indefinite pronoun may have a singular or a plural form. There might be a few pronouns that may go with either in special cases.

A mistake in noun form

Educate yourself on the rules that imply countable and uncountable nouns. Also learn the usage of determiners with single and plural nouns in place.


Grammar win only comes when you are aware of the rules of the English language. Grammar needs practice. When you write continuously you get hands-on experience and that’s how you improve. All the grammar errors that you can possibly commit in your essay are mentioned above along with suggestions on how to avoid them. So do read them and have better luck with your next essay.


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