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PompageBac À Graisse Paris – A Necessity Nowadays

pompagebac à graisse Paris is very necessary nowadays. Greasy food is a very big part of French cuisine. The need for these grease traps is very necessary to maintaining hygiene. Not only the restaurants but the waste from industries and domestic septic wastes are also responsible for the same. But the clog piled on these traps is very much important and needs to be done in regular intervals. And this necessity of cleaning in Paris is very important as it is among the best tourist hubs. So as a whole it can be said that PompageBac À Graisse Paris.

The grease coming out of the commercial kitchens and many industries is very hazardous to be dump into sewers. So, when dumped, it leads to the formation of odor and solid wastes are responsible for blocking the sewers. To avoid these grease traps are used for the separation of these solid wastes generally formed because of FOG.

 Reasons for odour formation:

 The FOG emerging from the Kitchens and factories then result in solid waste contents. FOG stands for fat oil and grease. And when the microorganisms start decomposing it. It breaks down these solid wastes and with the breakdown process, the gas released contains Sulphates and nitrates components. These contents are responsible for the odour scent coming out of the sewer.

What are the Grease Traps?

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 A grease trap is a Hollow civil structure used for trapping the oil and fat contents of the kitchen waste coming out during food processing. This is installed to make the sewer free-flowing by avoiding blockages. And because of the utility, it is also known as the Grease Interceptor. The clog formation in the sewer due to the oil and fat present in the Kitchen waste is avoided using these traps. All the water coming out of the kitchen is treated by these grease traps.

 Many tasks involving the preparation of food and treatment of dishes require so many sinks and dishwashers. For a proper kitchen, it is very necessary to have them. 

A grease trap can be explained as a civil construction done outside or below the ground of the kitchens or sometimes it is fitted to the drain outlets which looks like a large box and its output is then fed to the sewer. There is an outlet pipe fit in the bottom to pour out the treated water. 

So, when the water waste enters the grease trap It cools it down and because of the density difference, the oil comes to the surface. Now, after this separation the water sinks to the bottom and using an exit pipe is fed to the drains and sewer. While the oil and chunks collected on the top stay floating.

And after a certain time, these grease traps are required to be cleaned. The cleaning should be done as the continuous flow of this oily wastewater may lead to clogging and block the pipelines. There are many ways for cleaning it. Let us discuss them.

Ways to clean these Grease traps:

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There are many ways to clean the gas traps. It is very necessary to clean this as ignoring this for a long time may lead to a foul smell coming out in your kitchen. Which is the last thing any restaurant wants. So, now let us discuss these methods: 

  1. By hands: In this, the deposits are cleared and taken out using hands by the individual. It can be done in small traps but it is very dangerous as the deposits give out many harmful gases and if one is not careful, he may be affected by it. With the discomfort pompagebac à graisse Paris by handis not allowed by the government in Paris.
  2. By Automatic systems: In this, an automatic system is used to take out the deposits into a deposition containing. But the overhauling of this machine needs to be done in proper time intervals. The machine should be cleaned using cleaning agents in proper intervals.
  3. By Professional Help:  Many companies like ASSAINISSEMENT FRANCILIEN, are giving this service where a big pump is used to take out the sediments of the grease traps. All the work is done using big tools and safety. This process is very useful as the professionals handle it very perfectly avoiding leakage of harmful gases and fast operation. They use many biological additives. These additives are responsible for the breakdown of those sediments into a less harmful substance. These additives are also helpful in maintaining the efficiency of the traps.

Which is the Best Way to Clean the grease traps?

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Without any doubt, it is a way of seeking help from professionals. As the professionals use the advanced tool and nature-friendly additives to keep your work area safe. They also make sure to maintain the sanitisation of the place after the work is done.

The machines are more efficient as compared to other methods as they are designed for that particular work and there is no room for any human error. With this, All the cleaning very fast unlike other methods. Also, it is to be noted that the pompagebac à graisse Paris by hands is not allowed by the government due to the foul smell and discomfort caused to people around.

How much does it cost?

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If we seek professional help for cleaning the grease traps it may cost around 15 to 300 Euros. In the case of big traps, it is recommended to use big machinery and they may cost 340 Euros or more. It is recommended to ask for a quotation for all the services provided by the service provider beforehand. 

Some Tips:

  1. As an organic bacteria cleaning agent, you can use an expired yoghurt. This will restart the bacterial action and will help in cleaning.
  2. Avoid throwing toxic and the things unable to decomposed things in the drainage as they are hard to decompose and cause a problem during the cleaning. Also, they react with the chemicals used for cleaning these grease traps.