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Heading Out on a Winter Ride? Here’s Why You Need Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Bike Insurance
Bike Insurance

There’s a chill in the air and the mornings are crisp. Winter has finally arrived. 

What better way to enjoy the wintry weather than by going on a ride with your bike? You may already have planned out the journey, or maybe you are the spontaneous type. No matter which kind of ride you are undertaking, your bike is going to be your most important companion and you must ensure that it stays safe and insured under any circumstances you come across while on the road. Here’s where comprehensive bike insurance can come to your rescue. 

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In this article, we are looking at why comprehensive bike insurance is essential as well as beneficial for your long winter ride.

Holistic coverage against several dangers of the road 

Riding a bike on the road comes with its own share of risks and uncertainties. Even though you may follow all the rules of riding, there are many things not within your control. A comprehensive bike insurance policy can provide protection against risks and losses that may arise from many unexpected mishaps. 

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During winters, it gets dark early. There is a chance that an accident might occur, especially if it is night time. If something like that does happen, it could get difficult for you to continue your journey without immediate financial help. The accident may not only cause damages to your bike but to someone else’s vehicle as well. In such a scenario, having comprehensive bike insurance can be of great help. It will take care of the financial aspects of the damages for you as well as for the third party involved in the accident. 

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Natural calamities 

You are probably riding to new places and new terrains. You may never know what natural calamities might strike the location you are at. Whether it is landslides in mountainous areas or cyclones in coastal regions, a comprehensive bike insurance policy will provide financial coverage against any harm or loss to your bike due to such situations. 

Theft and other manmade disasters

It is no secret that highways and tourist spots are the favourite haunts of burglars. There is a possibility that your bike may get stolen or damaged by a miscreant/s even though it is parked in a safe spot. The loss of your bike can be a real catastrophe for you. If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you can raise a claim with your insurance provider, submit the required documents, and once the insurer has done their work, get reimbursement for your bike loss.

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Roadside assistance

On a long ride, your bike may suddenly stop working due to some malfunction. You would probably be left wondering where to go and where the nearest repair shop is. It is for such situations that insurance providers offer the roadside assistance add-on when you buy comprehensive bike insurance. With this add-on, you can contact your insurance provider at any hour and they will arrange immediate repair help for you. Some of the best insurers even offer this add-on at no extra charge. 

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Do bear in mind that the coverage in comprehensive bike insurance policies differs between insurers. You are highly advised to read the policy documents thoroughly before going ahead. 

We hope this article helps you prepare before your adventurous winter bike ride! 

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