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6 Reasons to Host a Hybrid Event in 2021

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As the dynamics have been changed in 2020, physical events have come to a stop. With the impact of COVID-19, restrictions have been imposed on traveling and people are pushed to follow social distancing protocols. It resulted in an exponential increase in virtual events recently. Virtual events were in existence over a long period of time. But a sudden spike in virtual events, hybrid events webinars, and video conferencing have been witnessed recently.

Virtual events came as a savior during the challenging times of the global pandemic and prevented many businesses from dipping down. Transforming live physical events into a completely digital format was a challenging task for many. Initially, some organisations and exhibitors were skeptical about converting live events into a visually rich virtual format. The newness of the format and the technological involvement made them think about how to transform all the efforts into a virtual platform. But, the advantages offered by virtual events helped organisations and exhibitors to make their minds for a big shift.

As time passed by, restrictions started lifting up slowly, it resulted in a shift of mentalities. Virtual has been a savior and offers enormous perks, but the worth of face-to-face interactions can never be depleted. Here, hybrid events came into play. Today, event planners have leveraged hybrid events to have genuine human connections and increased reach within the same event.

Even after the world recovers from the halt of the global pandemic, people will still remain skeptical about attending large gatherings. Hybrid is here to stay for long and is indefinitely the future of the event industry. In this post, we have listed some key reasons to host virtual hybrid events in 2021 & beyond. Let’s get started!

What are Hybrid Events?

A hybrid event is a mix of virtual as well as in-person events. It combines the best elements of both the event formats under the same frame. Hybrid events are organised at a physical venue paired with a virtual event service provider. The event format offers flexibility to attend an event by visiting an on-site location or access the event remotely. The biggest advantage of hybrid events is it brings out the essence of both the event formats, i.e. virtual and in-person events. The feeling of togetherness of physical events by means of rf lifting and the outreach of virtual events can be achieved with hybrid events.

6 Key reasons to leverage hybrid events for 2021 & beyond

1. Hybrid events mitigate against the risk

The future is still uncertain, no one is aware of what 2021 holds. Virtual hybrid events have become the new normal in 2020. An increase in remote work and online events has been witnessed this year. It most probably would not return to the old status.

Keeping the current scenario in mind organising physical events with large gatherings is nearly impossible and inherently quite risky. Today, no one is aware when face-to-face live physical events will get resumed completely. The advantages offered by virtual hybrid events have shifted people’s focus from attending live physical events. Many started preferring virtual hybrid events over physical events recently due to their enormous perks. It helps in reducing travel expenses, carbon footprints, and health risks that can be caused due to large gatherings. Leveraging hybrid events for 2020 and beyond mitigates the risk of any health implications. However, it prevents your plans to get into chaos due to any uncertainty. 

2. Expands your reach and enable you to tap new audiences

Hybrid events come with the essence of digital events. It enables you to expand your reach and tap new audiences located in different geographic locations. Hosting hybrid events in 2021 offers your brand better visibility by tapping the audience globally. It helps you to expand your brand family by reaching audiences in other markets. Hybrid events offer the flexibility to attendees to access the event remotely at their convenience from any corner of the world. Additionally, it offers on-demand video content to virtual attendees who missed attending a live event. It enables untapped audiences who do not lie in the same time zone to access the event at their convenience. It results in having better prospects and leads, thus making an event successful.

3. Hybrid event generates content for other channels

Video content has become the strongest and fastest-growing channel. Brands and organisations have leveraged online video content in 2020 and would like to benefit from it more.

Hosting the events of 2021 on-demand or pre-recording video content, offers new video content along with ample ways to utilize it. On average, three out of four webinar users make webinars available on-demand.

4. Open new realms of revenues

Hybrid events open the new realms of generating better revenues. If you have never utilized a virtual component in a physical event, consider doing it to increase your audience. You can charge a registration fee for your event. If your event holds value to your potential target audience and has insightful and engaging content, attendees will pay for it. If your hybrid event is focussed on the latest industry issue or ongoing hot topic most of the audience will pay for it to access the event.

As hybrid events offer the flexibility to attend the event virtually, the need for travelling and booking travelling tickets get escalated for some. Paying a registration fee to attend an event virtually comparatively costs a lot less than attending a physical event. More the attendees more will be the chance of potential prospects that can be converted into fresh leads. As your attendees grow it results in boosting your revenues.

5. It offers better sponsorship opportunities

Hybrid events offer endless new opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their offerings to a large segment of audiences. It offers various ways to create sponsorships that are beneficial for both attendees and sponsors. Hybrid events enable you to brand online sponsor sessions, lead generation, and so on.

6. Hybrid events are scalable as well as measurable

Hybrid events are highly measurable as it includes a virtual component. The paired virtual event platform service provider keeps a record of every virtual attendee’s move right from start to finish. Live physical events ask attendees to fill a registration and feedback form. It is the only source to measure the success of the event. Whereas, events capture the feedback at the same moment and record every digital attendee move. It helps in creating a detailed analytics report that helps in measuring how well the event performed. Leverage events for 2021 & beyond, and reap the benefits it serves.

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