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How can we use our Instagram?

Make Money on Instagram

Few active followers are preferable to a large number of uninterested followers.

The organic growth slogan is “few but good followers.” Aim to be a micro-influencer, not a well-known Instagrammer with 100,000 followers. You don’t need 3 times that number to be someone if you have 10,000 followers and a high engagement rate of over 100 comments every photo.

You must be yourself and act in a real manner. The only way to have a successful account is to have a gallery of outstanding photographs and a story to tell. This is merely the first, but it is the most critical stage. You can forget about success if your images are awful and you can’t make yourself interesting. But, above all, ask yourself, “Why should someone follow me?” What can I bring to the table? You need to take some measures to attract more free Instagram followers.

Interact frequently, both manually and on a daily basis.

The difference between you and a bot is that you are a human being who can think, whereas the bot cannot. Make other users feel valued by interacting with them. Read their captions and make relevant comments: if they talk about how horrible their day has been, it’s pointless to leave a comment like “What a gorgeous picture!” because they’ll know you haven’t read their description and aren’t interested in what they have to say.

Spend at least half an hour each morning and evening communicating with the individuals you follow on social media. You must be able to form a genuine connection with them. Consider this: If you don’t care about others, why should anyone care about you?

Not only that, but remember that leaving comments and likes on other people’s images can directly lead to new followers: other users’ followers will read your comments, realize that you are an empathic and easygoing person, and may visit your profile. If well-maintained, the profile will have garnered new followers. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? You can try these methods.

The significance of precisely targeted likes

It’s not necessary for the engagement to be confined to the persons you follow. Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 350 likes per hour on Instagram before being temporarily disabled. In the fall, you might browse photographs using the hashtag #autunno to catch the attention of Italian users who upload autumn-themed photos. If you have published some in that manner in the meanwhile, some of them will be interested in your profile and will follow you.

Take a look at my autumn photography tips.

When it snows, check through the #neve images and do the same thing, sowing likes on the most attractive ones. In essence, you perform what an automatic system would do, but you can additionally leave a few remarks and improve the interaction to pique people’s interest even more. A bot will never be able to give detailed comments on every single photo, and when you do, you’ll notice a significant difference. If you need some quick and safe way, you can try Instagram auto liker without login.


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