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How Different is Web Design on BigCommerce and How to find a reliable BigCommerce Agency?

BigCommerce Agency

Web design is an essential part of every eCommerce store. That’s the reason why every eCommerce store owner must invest in web design and web development while setting up the eCommerce store. In order to maximize the utilization of BigCommerce’s features, you need assistance from expert BigCommerce developers. For instance, you can hire A Plus Digital ( for bigcommerce canada to build a beautiful BigCommerce store.  But, why BigCommerce? And how is web design different on BigCommerce? Here are a few reasons why.

1. Lots of Customization Opportunities  

BigCommerce offers a true custom experience to web designers. It has more than 400 features and many third-party integrations. Web developers and web designers can easily connect with an array of other applications by APIs on BigCommerce. 

2. Super quick and easy to use 

One of the best things about the BigCommerce platform that attracts web designers is its simplicity. You don’t need to code for designing the store. This platform supports a lot of integration that also allows designers to simply use drag and drop features to change themes and do other work. Also, an open API provides free hand to the web designers to customize anything on the store through HTML and CSS code.

3. Unique Design Themes 

BigCommerce offers more than 150 unique designs that you can use to please the eyes of your visitors. So, if you don’t wish to create a design from scratch you can use themes. Still, confused? You can pick the best theme reviews by BigCommerce itself. 

4. Building Tools 

BigCommerce provides robust design functionality. Web designers can built-in building tools like “Page Builder” which is a drag and drop page editing tool for websites. 

How To Find a Reliable BigCommerce Agency?

Setting up an eCommerce store on BigCommerce is super easy yet hiring an expert agency saves time and improves the success changes. But, how to select the right agency for your store? Here are a few tips that can help you pick the right agency. 

1. BigCommerce Certification

One of the best ways to check the reliability of any agency is through certification. If you’re hiring a BigCommerce agency make sure to see if they are BigCommerce verified or not. It definitely helps in backing up the agency’s legitimacy. Like A Plus Digital a certified BigCommerce Partner that can be trusted. 

2. Ask Question

When you’re investing your money and trusting your business with someone, it’s better to ask questions. Some questions like,

  • What are their past experiences?
  • Where do they excel?
  • What is their TAT (Turn Around Time) for projects?
  • What do they need for you?

3. Guaranteed Performance 

There is nothing called a guaranteed success when it comes to eCommerce store conversions and SEO optimization. So,  if any e-commerce agency is offering guaranteed performance and success, it’s a big red flag. 

4. Quick Analysis

The majority of eCommerce store owners are not familiar with digital marketing and SEO terminologies which makes it easy for imposters to cheat them. So, make sure to quick analysis of the agency by checking their working history, website, and reviews. 

5. Unknown Foreign Agency

One of the most common mistakes that many store owners make is they hire freelancers and unknown foreign agencies to get the work done just to save a few bucks. Never do that. Make sure the people you’re working with have a reputation. 

Final Call

After going through all the things mentioned above, now is the time to make a final call. Remember, success is a two-way street and it cannot be achieved by only you or the agency working alone. So, maintaining a good and long-term relationship between store owner and agency is very important. 


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