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How LG Become So Popular In The Television Market

LG TV 32 inch price
LG TV 32 inch price

Among all the other product lines of LG, Smart TVs are presently ruling the Indian electronics market. The LG TV 32 inch price is not only affordable, but it’s a viewer’s delight. The excellent picture and sound quality and other added intelligent features make it a must-buy consumer durable.

The modern-day smart TV is not just a recreational device, but it is much more than that. You can play games, use it like radio, watch streaming videos, and offer you web browsing facilities. The fall in the Smart TV Price has made it quite accessible and popular these days. With reputed brands like LG offering low-priced smart TV, a consumer cannot ask for more.

LG Smart TV- Entertainment Redefined

Intense Research& Development:

Research and development is the foundation of every success. Any electronics product needs continuous research and innovation to excel in the market. Based on the localized consumer base and demands, a company should offer customized products. In 2017, LG spent 800 crores on their research and development department to penetrate the Indian market. They offer what an average Indian wants. As a result, they are a household name now, and this is due to the supreme quality of the smart TV at the budgeted price they offer.

Cutting Edge Technology: 

LG believes in innovation. With the help of extensive research and development, they always come up with intelligent and cutting-edge technology. The new range of LG smart TVs uses advanced and robust technology to provide the consumer a world-class experience.

Comprehensive Features: 

To win a loyal consumer base, it is necessary to be user-friendly so that every non-specialist can use the product and get its maximum benefits. LG Smart TV comes with several comprehensive features such as auto-update and pre-installed media apps, gaming-friendly software, which is the best treat for the Indian consumer. Nano Cell Technology is another impressive feature on offer by this global brand.

LG Smart TV 32 inch: 

LG Smart TV 32 inch is their groundbreaking product with advanced technology, sturdy specifications, impressive features coupled with a sleek look makes it one of the best-selling products. LG TV 32 inch price range is also within the scope of the middle-class society of India. So everybody can purchase it.

Targeting Rural India: 

LG has taken the most excellent strategy to penetrate and overcome the Indian market by targeting rural India.As more than 50% of sales are generated from the rural sector, LG has shifted its focus from urban India to rural India. The introduction of a whole new product range, namely “Sampoora TV,” is a real hit.This is specially designed keeping in mind the need and the budget of rural households. This was a revolutionary step but truly rewarding.

A good network of customer service: 

LG has a strong customer support team. They have a good network of service centers giving prompt and steady support to the consumers.This helps build trust and maintain long-term relationships between the brand and the consumer. There is no denying that LG has gained its reputation through hard work and reliable customer service.

LG continuously upgrade their products:

The electronic market is the dynamic and fastest developing market. It is one of the most competitive markets.The needs of the consumers are rapidly changing with each day. To thrive and to win is not at all easy. LG has successfully done it by continuously upgrading and updating its product line with the help of cutting-edge technology, innovations, and market research.

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