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How long does the car reservation last?

Car Reservation
Car Reservation

Leasing a car for the first time may be worrying however there is nothing to fear if you know what to do.

Car leasing also provides flexibility as your profession ensures. In other words, your car will fit your plan when you need it and anywhere you want. Simply limit is you, if you would like to lease for one month, that is completely acceptable. Or you only need to give an attempt for a week to recognize what it looks like to work and adjust.

We recently made a news story in which we commented that if you run out of gas, you can be penalized with up to 3,000 euros of fine, and in it we mentioned that you have to take into account the scope of the reservation so as not to be stranded. But how long is the reservation of the car?

There is no exact figure, since each model has different characteristics, and the duration of the reservation depends on different factors such as the size of the tank itself, the vehicle’s fuel consumption, and even the type of driving of each user. Therefore, the closest estimate, although not very precise, is that the reservation of the car lasts between 50 and 120 kilometers.

Big cars offer more autonomy in reserve than small ones

Since the minimum figure is 50 kilometers, our recommendation is never to travel this distance once we enter the reserve, since we would run the risk of being stranded before reaching the next gas station. It would even be advisable not to rush so much, since if we are aboard a small car and our feet are heavy, we may not even reach fifty kilometers.

The larger the car, the larger the reserve will be, since it is not stored in an auxiliary container, but is a percentage of liters of the main tank, that is, the more capacity it has, the higher this percentage will be. Large cars are therefore those that offer the estimated reserve of 120 kilometers, while the utility cars offer an approximate surplus of 50 kilometers. Both of the small and big used cars are available in the best quality to buy at a reasonable price to import worldwide from Auto for Trade, I have purchased the used ford bronco 1999 in Japan and that was a flawless experience.


Virtually all cars today have an onboard computer with a function that marks the real-time range of the vehicle, although this figure should not be taken as an exact reference for several reasons. The first is that autonomy is calculated taking fuel consumption as a reference, so it will vary depending on whether we carry out efficient or sporty driving. There are times when autonomy even grows if we start an ultra-efficient driving, or on the contrary, it collapses if we raise the pace of march a lot.

If the car stops, you have to act as in an accident

Some cars have on-board computers that stop marking autonomy when the car goes into reserve so that the user does not rush the remaining kilometers too much, although most continue to reflect it even until it is set to ‘0’. At this point the car does not stop suddenly, but there is always a margin to be able to travel a few more kilometers to reach the nearest gas station.

Our main recommendation is that we never rush the gas, since as we told you in its day, going in reserve can be bad for the car. But if circumstances do not allow it, make sure you do not travel more than 50 kilometers in reserve, since it is the critical point at which the risk of being stranded begins.


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