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How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger
How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegge

Arnold Schwarzenegger Age. At this moment, he is 72-years-old. His actual birth date falls on July 3, 1947. The exact date of his first performance in movies is almost unknown, but it is assumed that he was cast as the savior of terminally ill surgeon Dr. Silas shaved in the movie Pacific Rim. He then went on to star in the series Judge Joe Ford. How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

If you want to know, it will definitely surprise you. This answer depends on how much you want to increase your height and how much time you are willing to invest in building up your body. In this article we’ll discuss his height and attainable height goals.

how tall is arnold schwarzenegger

He was most famous for being one of the biggest known Hollywood bodybuilders. He is 6′ 2″ and there’s no way he can be described as “short”. There are many people who look like him, but he looks like the shortest of all. Some have said he has an unusual looking face, but even if he does, it isn’t a shorter face with a very short forehead.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Age. At the moment he is 73 years old. Therefore, he is considered to be a senior citizen. Most professional bodybuilders peak at the age of 30 or so. So, is Arnold Schwarzenegger too young to be considered as a senior bodybuilder? It would be impossible to determine his true age, but we can say he’s not exactly “young”… he is probably a little past it.

Height : How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger

The real question is – does he really look that tall in his pictures? Judging by the photos of him, he may well be a very tall man. But do you know his real size? Well, some sources (like this one) give an approximate average, and others say he is actually quite skinny. We all know that celebrities can never be truthful, but at least they do admit their weights (if not their heights! ).

Weight :

In one of his earlier movies (think Kill Bill), he was said to weigh in the region of 180 pounds. The real weight is probably a bit more, but we can’t be certain. Anyway, some sources say that he usually weighs in the range of about 70 or so. It’s hard to estimate, and no one can claim to have the exact weight of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a reasonable guess would put him around five to six stones, including hair.

Build : How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all know how slim 6′ 1″ frames are. You don’t need to be one of them, but it’s nice to see the head of any celebrity, especially a known actor, walking with perfect posture and grace. This is also one of the reasons why many people think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a real professional bodybuilder. I’m not saying he doesn’t work out, but he seems to prefer to keep it simple.

So, is Arnold Schwarzenegger still slim enough to be taken seriously as a role model?

He may not be, but he sure looks it. He has that wonderful combination of power and presence, and he has it working for him. This, coupled with his excellent looks, make him a definite “wow factor”. So, is Mr. Schwarzenegger still a giant, or just a pretty good looking man with a rippling body?

It might be hard to accept, but it’s true. Not only is Mr. Schwarzenegger a bit shorter than you’d like, he also has a slightly wobbly posture, which is evident in the pictures where he’s posing with his family. His trainers say he’s in generally better shape now that he’s 72 years old, and that he’s achieved the same physique as actor Jay Cutler, who’s also about six inches taller.

There are lots of theories on how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and one of the more common theories out there says that he’s not as tall as the pictures make him out to be. One of the theories says that his legs are shorter than his waist because he wears jeans, and he didn’t grow those legs. Another one says that his face is really big, so he wears glasses, and his nose is smaller than his chin, which is another version of what I call the cowboy boots theory. The fact is, there aren’t any hard and fast rules about how tall Schwarzenegger is. Everyone is born with a natural height, and some people just naturally look the part, whereas others will have to work on their heights.

In a famous photo with Mr. Schwarzenegger and his family, one of the men standing next to the little boy said that he was about six feet in height, which does make him look about the right age. When I first looked at that photo, I thought the man was probably about six or seven, but that could have been the lighting, and the way the light was hitting the child’s face. In any case, I can say that neither Mr. Schwarzenegger nor anyone else I know is any taller than they look in the photos that I have seen of them. In fact, you might consider the following facts when trying to figure out how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger: How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger ? We are able to answer this.


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