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How To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan When Your Brother Is Living In Abroad?

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The sibling’s relationship is the perfect example of unconditional love with a twist of sweet and bitter moments. No matter how much they argue and fight, they surely add lots of value to each other’s life. Raksha Bandhan is the moment they show their love for the notorious behavior.

No siblings want to be far from each other on Raksha Bandhan as this is the only festival of siblinghood. This festival reunites the whole family and celebrates and shares love and affection with each other. Unfortunately, the celebration remains unfulfilled if your brother lives abroad and finds no way to reach home. So, how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan when your brother is living abroad?

The internet is flooded with many options through which you can connect with your brother within a few clicks. The technologies have become so advanced that impossible tasks can be done effortlessly. This article is all about various ways you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan through the internet.

5 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With Your Brother Living Abroad

For the people staying out of India can be difficult to visit their homes, but this distance can’t stop celebrating Rakhi. Below are some of the tips that you can use to connect with your siblings and show your love to them.

1] Send Beautiful Rakhi And Gifts Abroad With Online Shopping Store

Sending Rakhi from India to other countries has become super easy. To celebrate the gesture of sibling’s love, many e-commerce platforms offer rakhi gifts with easy delivery options through the website. These websites offer rakhi combo gifts. You just need to select and fill in the required details. You can even send Rakhi With Sweets Online, which will be delivered on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

2] Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is another way that can kill the distance between you and your brother. Celebrating the rakhi tying ceremony and wishing each other over Skype, Instagram, and Whatsapp will make him feel your presence. Additionally, he can also interact with his family even when he is miles away and celebrate as all of you are together. 

3] Watch Online Movies Together

We all have childhood movies that we love watching with our siblings. Watching those movies on Raksha Bandhan can be a great idea to celebrate this specious day. Several online streaming platforms contain a collection of old movies you can subscribe to and watch together.

Schedule the time according to the respective places, stay connected on calls or WhatsApp chat and watch your favorite movie together. You can discuss your favorite movie scenes and childhood memories with your siblings. This idea will make your Raksha Bandhan worth celebrating, and another precious moment will be added to the list of your beautiful memories.

Through this service, you send the sweetness of love and desire to meet him again. Additionally, Indian Post also offers a special courier service you can use to send online rakhi gifts.

4] Play Multiplayer Games Online This Raksha Bandhan

If you want to do some activities together, then an online multiplayer game can be a unique option rather than washing each other. The video games like PUBg have become so advanced that you can connect with your siblings, form your gang and chat with each other during the game. 

You can fix the time according to convenience and connect with each other through these types of games. You can have fun for the whole day and even share your day-to-day life who are staying away from you.

5] Send Him Video

You can send him old videos to make yourself remember this Raksha Bandhan. If you don’t have any videos, then you can collect childhood pictures of each other and compile them to form a video. Software is available that collects your photo and provides slide show features through which you can form a video. These videos can be shared directly from the app on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

So, surprise him with these videos and make him realize you are missing him. This idea can make him feel special and always be remembered in life.


Staying abroad can be sometimes painful, especially if you can’t visit their home on Raksha Bandhan. Siblings are very concerned about this festival and connect using several ways to celebrate this festival. Video Conferencing is the way you can showcase your Rakhi Thali to make him feel special. If you want to kill the distance, you can use the above techniques to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.


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