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How to change language in Google in 2021

How to change language in Google

Today we all are going to get knowledge about Google which has set up the milestone with a success story in the modern era. How to change language in Google  Looking for this answer? Lets check out here.

Do you know Google?

Misspelling of ‘googol’ gave birth to the idea of Google which means a number that represented by a 1 followed by almost one hundred zeros. Logo used in the front or on the top of the search engine was designed by Sergey Brin. The basic introduction of Google is An American multinational company. Google provides technology-based and Internet-related services and products change language in Google. These also contain software, hardware, advertising of various other companies manufacturing products or rendering services, etc.

Google has made its place in the biggest five tech companies in the world with Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. It was founded in September 1998. Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were Ph.D. Students Stanford University in California is the founder of Google. Using Initial Public Offering (IPO) procedure company went public in the year 2004. It was reorganised as a subordinate known as Alphabet Inc. In 2021 change language in Google, Alphabet workers united as unions, including more than 50 percent of employees from Google.

Which sections are captured by Google? 

Gmail to send emails, Calendar for scheduling time, Google duo or chat for instant messaging, Google maps, or earth or street view can be used for mapping and navigation purposes. Using YouTube, you can share videos. For photo editing or making collages of photos or anything related to photos are in Google photos, there are many more services that Google has captured.

Introduction of Google Chrome and Google Search Engine

Google Chrome is a well-known cross-platform web page that was created by Google. In 2008 Microsoft Windows having complementary software components included Google in the Later it was Linux, Android, change language in Google etc., and became the default browser into the OS system. It has also developed Chrome Operating System as a part based on chrome.

Google Search which is normally known as Google, is the search engine that gave wings to the success of Google company. Over more than 3.5 billion people handle it with ease and share nearly 92 percent of the engine market. The world accepts it as the most visited website all over. Several websites which are owned and managed by Google are most popular and user-friendly as per scrutiny. After few years it may take a monopoly position primarily in the search engine industry.

Google search’s role 

This search engine is very user-friendly and easy to handle by anyone. From small innocent kids to senior citizens all can use it skillfully change language in Google. It also allows you to give voice commands which save time and effort for typing each word or phrase. While typing after some time it shows you phrase near to your search and most searched things as well. Google search engine helps the public to access data contained in the form of pages, sheets, slides, images, etc. Database systems help them in their work. 

Towards the topic with interesting information around 

English is a universally accepted language known to more than three fourth of the total population and increasing its user day by day. But on the other hand, we all have some sort of attachment and attraction towards our mother tongue. The search engine keeps the English language as automatic which also has labeled as Added for you. After changing you can talk with Google Assistant in your selected language and hope for a reply in the same language. For the Google Assistant feature, you need to set your voice match in the device. That will allow the voice search engine to understand. After recognizing it will surely answer back if you have proper data connectivity. Nearly 108 languages are supported by Google and the number is still increasing.

We have various platforms on which we use Google and each having some differences in changing the settings. 


For changing language follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign in or log in to your Google Account (If already created otherwise create a new one using email id or mobile number.)

Step 2: Click on the option of Data and personalization.

Step 3: Till ‘General preferences for the web’ you have to scroll down.

Step 4: The language option will be displayed click it.

Step 5: Select edit for change

Step 6: search your preferred dialect and choose it.

Step 7: After the selection of language now you can add multiple.

You need to close or reopen the browser after any setting.

Android or tablet 

Step 1: On an Android device, click on Settings then choose Google and after that Manage your Google Account.

Step 2: Tap on Data and personalization, located on the top.

Step 3: In General preference for the web chooses Language.

Step 4: Choose Edit. change language in Google

Step 5: It is ready to display a list having your preferred wording.

Step 6: Same as the computer it can give a choice of multiple ones.

An alternative method for Android 

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: In ‘System’, you have language and input then languages.

Your phone may have the option of ‘Personal’ instead of ‘System’.

Step 3: Tap +(add a language) and choose your wish.

Step 4: Drag your dialect to place it in the top position.

You can also remove it later by clicking the delete option.

iPhone or IPad 

Step 1: Open the Gmail app (it did not have to download it.)

Step 2: you have to tap on the profile picture of Gmail to manage the account.

Step 3: Data and Personalization will be shown on top.

Step 4: Language will be displayed under General preference for the web.

Step 5: edit as per your choice. change language in Google

Step 6: search to select your dialect.

Step 7: The last step will be the same as other devices.

As a browser, you also have to reopen Gmail.


Step 1: On mobile or tablet, open an application called the Google Home app.

 Step 2: Right top corner will display the profile picture to proceed 

Step 3: In the assistant settings select the language option. change language in Google

Step 4: Change primary vernacular, click current language. You can add another vocabulary as well.

Smart display or Watch

Having the same procedure as the speaker.


Step 1: Display the settings section on the screen by clicking on the icon.

Step 2: Alternatively, go into the app and click settings.

Step 3: In the Google Assistant option languages will be seen.

Step 4: Choose yours. change language in Google

If problems arise 

As some Technical issues may arise while using devices. But do not worry much about this as Every problem comes with solutions located within. 

Language not working after change 

After using much or due to some reason browser may stop responding you can resolve this problem. First, remove clash on the browser. Close all the windows if you have opened multiple. change language in Google

Your dialect is not listed

Google is still working to give more and more options to its customers. It can take some further dates. So, you should keep in mind another alternative language too.

Also want to change the language of the entire mobile device

Your device may have the option to change the language or else you have to download the app.

Writer’s view 

After changing the language also teach others who need it. Do not keep your knowledge only with you as spreading knowledge can grow it more. Also, try to learn other dialects change language in Google, it will help in communication with people in different vernacular. As a universal language, English is having significance. So Google Translate feature can improve your command on various wordings. The right to use technology is now in our hands. Maintain it properly and spread.


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