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How To Convert Photos To Pencil Sketches In A breeze

How To Convert Photos To Pencil Sketches In A breeze

If you can’t sketch with your hands, then there’s an easy way to get the work done. There are several third-party tools, which aim to convert any ordinary photos into a pencil sketch. The results are usually pretty similar to a real sketch, hence it’s safe to say that these third-party tools are fairly reliable.

This article talks about how to convert your images into a pencil sketch in a breeze. Keep reading until the end for lots of useful information.

Image to Sketch AI

Image to Sketch AI is a free tool, which runs online on a cloud server. It’ll let you pencil sketch your profile photo or any other image within a few seconds. The tool is mostly automated, therefore minimum manual efforts are required. Furthermore, the user interface is so friendly, that even a novice can easily make use of this tool.

Advantages Of Image to Sketch AI

Image to Sketch AI holds several advantages, which are discussed below.

  1. No registration is needed. You’re not required to create any kind of account. This ensures the quickest conversion of your photos into a sketch.
  2. Everything is completely free of cost. No credit card information is required. You won’t be charged a single penny throughout the conversion process.
  3. The tool provides unlimited access. This means you can continue converting images for hours. No restrictions.
  4. There’s no restriction on the number of photos that you can covert either. Therefore, convert hundreds or even thousands of images as per your wish.
  5. It may produce multiple sketches. That way, you can download the most appealing one.
  6. The online tool is 100% safe and secured. Any upload and download process is backed by SSL encryption, which keeps your images safe from hacking attempts.
  7. If you’re unable to use the service properly, or are facing any kind of issues, the customer support team is there for you. It’ll help you out in the best possible manner.
  8. You don’t need to download any additional software or web browser extension on your computer.
  9. The tool becomes lightweight since all the processing is done over the server. So you can use this tool even on a slow machine.

Using Image to Sketch AI To Make Pencil Sketches

Let’s see the process of how to pencil sketch your photo online free using Image to Sketch AI.

  1. Visit https://imagetosketch.com/
  2. Drag and drop your image or upload the image by browsing your computer. There are a few restrictions while uploading the image:
    1. The image size or the resolution can’t exceed 5000px * 5000px.
    1. Supported file formats include PNG, JPG, and JPEG only.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, the process will begin automatically. Let it finish.
  4. You’ll see a list of image(s). Each image will have a dedicated “Download” button. Download the most appealing image. Voila!

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer

This is a paid tool, which allows converting your images into pencil sketches. Though it’s paid, you can always try out the free trial version. The user interface is very user-friendly, and allows conversion of images in a breeze. Apart from pencil sketches, it offers several more features dedicated to photo editing.

Using SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer- Quick And Simple Steps

  1. Download the free version from https://www.softorbits.net/photo-to-sketch-converter/
  2. Install and launch the application.
  3. Click on the “Add” button to upload your image to the software.
  4. Please find the style options on the right side of the screen. Select the default style. You can choose between Realistic, Detailed Sketch, and Classic.
  5. Now, select the preset of the selected style. There are plenty of options to try out. Each style functions as its name suggest.
  6. Click on the “Run” button and let the software do its work.
  7. When you’re satisfied with the sketch, download it on your computer. Voila!

Other Tools


It can be slightly tricky to change your photo into an amazing pencil sketch using Photoshop, so we advise following the steps below really carefully.

  1. Launch the application. Open your image.
  2. The image will be on the “Background” layer. Create its duplicate by dragging the layer and dropping it on the “Create a new layer” option located at the bottom of the Layers panel. At this point, you must have 2 layers.
  3. No pencil sketch has colors, hence the first step is to remove all the colors. For this, we’ll use the Desaturate feature. Go to the Image menu -> Adjustments -> Desaturate.
  4. Now, duplicate this layer again. Follow step 2 for that. At this point, you must have 3 layers in total.
  5. Let’s invert this newly created layer. Go to the Image menu -> Adjustments -> Invert.
  6. In the layers panel, find the word “Normal”. Click on it. A drop-down list will appear. Select “Color Dodge” from it. If the image turned white, that means you’re performing all the steps correctly.
  7. In the Layers panel, find 4 horizontal lines (also called “menu icon”). A drop-down list will appear. Select “Convert to Smart Object”. The image will still be pure white.
  8. Go to the Filter menu -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. A dialog box will open up. Change the “Radius” values to create a pencil sketch. The results will be updated automatically. A lower value (say 10) will produce a fine-lined sketch. A higher value (say 45) will create a more realistic sketch.
    1. If the image doesn’t update upon changing the “Radius” value, make sure that the “Preview” is check marked.
  9. Click OK. Save the image on your computer. Voila!


By the end of this article, we discussed various tools and the steps to achieve pencil sketches. Most of the tools are free to use, while some require paid license. We strongly suggest trying out the free version before spending money. Adobe Photoshop can be slightly complex to use, but most of the tools are fairly easy and don’t require photo editing skills to work on them.


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