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How to fall asleep fast without medication?

The museum of the human body is his mind. Relaxation to the always awake mind comes only during deep and restful sleep, in which the complaint of insomnia goes away. That’s why doctors call sleep a tonic. Getting a good night’s sleep and going to the land of dreams is a sign that you have a completely calm mind instead of focusing on the day’s activities. One of the tricks of getting instant sleep is to close the window of the mind and say goodbye to all tasks and close your eyes. In a very short time, your biological clock breaks its relationship with the world of Nast and returns to the world of parables. In addition, if someone wakes up from a deep sleep, then it takes less time to go back to sleep.

How to fall asleep immediately?

To relax the tired nerves, adjust the biological clock of the mind that today is over and now I have to sleep. Close the contact window to the outside world. Close your eyes and repeat the count for 1 to 120 seconds in your mind. Over time, as you practice, the number of seconds you go to sleep each night will decrease and then one day you will close your eyelids and go to the city of dreams. You can use sea moss to relieve your brain and get sleep fast.

Military procedures

Sharon Ackerman was the first to introduce military tactics in her book, Relax and One: Championship Performances. According to Ackerman, the US Navy Pre-Flight School has developed a routine that allows pilots to fall asleep in two minutes or less. It takes about six weeks to follow this routine but it works, even if you drink coffee or there is a lot of noise around, your sleep will not be affected. Over time, you’ll be able to fall asleep in 10 seconds. The routine is followed in the following way.

(1) Lie down with your eyes closed and close your lips and take a deep breath through your nose to calm your face, including the muscles of your mouth.

(2) Lie down straight and bend your legs and keep your hands together with your body. Take a deep breath through your nose into your chest and hold your breath as long as you can. Then exhale slowly through the lips, imagining that the mind is free from all tension and anxiety.

(3) Leave the legs, shoulders, knees and wrists completely on the bed. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scene in your mind.

(4) If this idea doesn’t work, keep repeating in your mind for 10 seconds, “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, you are in a deep sleep”.

8-7-4 Breathing exercises

(1) Keep your lips closed. Slowly breathe through your nose, count to 4 in your mind and think, “The worries of the day are gone.”

(2) Now hold your breath for seven seconds, then exhale for 8 seconds with the sound of “Wow”.

(3) Avoid keeping yourself alert for each exercise. Repeat as usual.

(4) Complete this cycle in four breaths and incline the body towards sleep.

(5) If you have ear piercing, take off your earrings.

Keep the nerves completely calm

This exercise is known as “Progressive File Relation” (PMR) or “Deep File”. In it, you get rid of the tension of the day and the body gets rid of the disease of “insomnia” by intoxication. At the same time keep your muscles relaxed and relaxed.

(1) Lie down straight on the bed and lift your eyebrows as high as you can. This will strengthen the muscles of the forehead. Keep yourself in the same position for 5 seconds, it will soften the muscles and all the tension and anxiety in the mind will be relieved.

(2) Rotate the eyes like clockwork, keeping the neck straight, this will remove the fatigue in the eyes. Repeat this process three to four times. Then, while lying down, raise your hands and turn them round, do the same with your legs. Then take the right crotch and raise the hand ten times and lower it. Do the same with the legs respectively and repeat ten times. Then lie down straight, close your eyes, and let go of your eyelids. This exercise will not only cause instant sleep but also stimulate the face, ears, shoulders, hands and legs.


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