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How to fix common iPhone 11 problems in 2021

iPhone 11 problems

Apple’s iPhone 11 comes with many great features and has earned a lot of praise for the same. However, like any other phone, the iPhone 11 has a few issues and bugs. In this article, we are going to go over some of the most acknowledged issues in the iPhone 11 and ways how to fix them.

Problem 1 – Display issues Solution:

The display of any phone is one of the most crucial features of a phone that lets you control and operate the phone. But sometimes there may be a few issues with the display that makes your experience a not so pleasant one. The iPhone 11 has a few such issues as well.

The iPhone 11 display issues include a green tint to the screen when unlocked as well as the freezing of the screen.

Here are the possible solutions to fix this problem:

  1. One of the most popular solutions to this issue is the upgrade of the phone’s operating system. Users can upgrade their iPhone’s iOS to the latest iOS 14.
  2. However, in some cases, the issue can’t be solved with an OS update. Apple has admitted to this issue and is offering a display replacement. To avail it, refer to your iPhone’s warranty and connect with an Apple store. if you want repair iPhone Singapore and make things faster.

Problem 2 – Activation issues Solution:

Even though this category of problems seems to be a one-time issue, it can be really frustrating and scary for many users. These are the issues faced by users when setting up their new phone or running the phone for the first time.

Here is the solution for the Activation Issues on iPhone 11:

  1. Check Apple’s System Status page to make sure that all the systems are running smoothly and without an issue. If anything is not running wait until it starts.
  2. Make sure that you only insert a working SIM card in your iPhone 11. It can either be the SIM card from your previous iPhone or a new one.
  3. Another solution is to check your device for any updates and Installing them. To do that just go to Settings on your iPhone and then select General >About to find out about the latest updates for your device.
  4. If you still have trouble activating your phone, try to switch to a new SIM card or the same SIM in a different phone. Just make sure that the SIM is correctly inserted in your iPhone and that the tray is completely closed.

Problem 3 – Wireless Charging Solution:

Wireless charging issues in smartphones are nothing new, and sadly some iPhone 11 users have to face them too. Reportedly, a few users are only able to charge their iPhone 11 models with a cable.

In some cases, the phone either doesn’t recognize the wireless charger or when the phone recognizes the charger it still doesn’t accept the charge. There have also been instances of overheating.

Here are a few solutions to solve the Wireless Charging Problems:

  1. Upgrade your iPhone 11’s operating system to the newer iOS 14 version. Doing this step has solved the problem for many users who confirm that this has made their device more stable.
  2. Resetting the iPhone also seemed to work for some people. To restart your phone press the volume up and volume down buttons of your iPhone. Next, hold the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Problem 4 – Overheating Solution:

Overheating is another common problem that many phone users have been facing for a long time regardless of anything else. There are many factors that can cause your iPhone 11 to overheat. We are going to share a few easy ways following which you can avoid that situation.

But if following these doesn’t solve your iPhone’s overheating problem, contact an Apple store as your iPhone 11 might have hardware issues.

Here are a few ways to stop your iPhone 11 from overheating:

  1. Don’t keep your iPhone in the car or any place that has a high temperature.
  2. Avoid charging for a long period of time and try to charge your phone in small intervals.
  3. Skip the case or remove the case after usage to help it cool down faster.
  4. Try to avoid games with heavy graphics as they consume a lot of your battery and overheat your device.
  5. When not in use turn off your phone features such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. You can even try putting your iPhone in Airplane Mode to avoid it getting heated.

Problem 5 – Bluetooth connection issues Solution:

Some of the common Bluetooth Connection issues of the iPhone 11 include not connecting in the car or automatically disconnecting after a short time. Issues like these have left many iPhone 11 users frustrated, but you can easily fix these.

Here is how you can solve your Bluetooth Connectivity issues on an iPhone 11:

  1. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is upgrading to the latest iOS 14. This will fix most of the software issues in your iPhone 11.
  2. Another solution is to reset your device. After the restart, Go to Settings, and select Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth before connecting to other devices.
  3. Make sure that your other Bluetooth devices are properly charged and have their Bluetooth turned on.
  4. Try connecting your iPhone with other devices to see if you have any problem pairing with them. If you are able to connect to other devices, then it’s most probable that your iPhone 11 is working just fine. If not please get in contact with an executive from Apple to solve the problem.

So here are the easiest and quick solutions to some of the top iPhone 11 problems and issues. We have covered all the major issues that any iPhone 11 user may experience and provided a reliable solution for all of them. Hope this was helpful in solving all your iPhone 11 problems.


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